Elite Short Stories: Guzman Caye Rebe review – a drug-based story

June 15, 2021
Jordan Lyon 0
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An eventful rollercoaster that has more action than other shows would have in a full season.

This review of Netflix’s Elite Short Stories: Guzman Caye Rebe does not contain spoilers.

With just less than a week before season 4 of Elite premieres on Netflix, the show will release four mini-seasons. The first one of which involves the characters; Guzman, Caye, and Rebe. Hence, it’s the title!

All three are obviously key characters from the show. While most audiences may initially be more interested in Guzman’s section of the short stories, it’s actually Caye that steals the shows.

Providing further depth to her actions from season 3, she plays a heartwarming and comedic role. A deeper understanding of her character may be a glimpse of her role when Elite returns. Let’s hope so!


However, that’s not to say Rebe and Guzman aren’t as interesting in the three mini-episodes. Guzman brings further knowledge to his love for Nadia whilst Rebe continues to be the quirky character that audiences love.

Heavily different from what would usually be expected from Elite, the short stories are faster moving and bring higher levels of comedy. While nothing ground-breaking in terms of plot happens, it still contains many references to the story in season 4.

Other characters such as Ander and Omar are mentioned, although what is said is likely to bring more insight into their short story rather than what occurs in season 4. The following short stories that will air are; Nadia and Guzman, Omar with Ander and Alexis, and Carla and Samuel. If any of these episodes are similar, they’re sure to be packed with plenty to keep audiences happy.

The first four mini-seasons have a heavy context of drugs, but the characters bring a humorous approach. Whilst it wouldn’t work in the actual season of Elite, it works perfectly in the short stories.

Overall a much-needed whilst fresh spin outlook into the characters!

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