Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

June 25, 2021 (Last updated: March 17, 2023)
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Episode 2 delves further into Billie’s desire and explores the effort required to save a stale marriage; there’s clearly more drama coming our way as Sex/Life has an addictive approach to it.

We recap the Netflix series Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 2, “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight,” which contains spoilers.

Episode 2 is all about that itch that you want to get rid of, but it will not go away. Billie (played by Sarah Shahi) experiences that itch all the way through this chapter.

Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 opens with a flashback scene of Billie having sex with Brad in the penthouse pool. It then flits to the present day, and a woman tells Billie that she’s wet — she’s experiencing nipple discharge, so she heads to the bathroom. Sasha finds her in the bathroom and tries to explain that it is not serious with Brad. She claims they are friends with benefits; she makes a good point that she thought Billie had a happy life and that it was 8 years ago when she was with Brad.

Billie raises how she feels she has messed up because Cooper has found her journal that details the intense sex that she had with Brad, which led her husband to have angry, violent sex with her — she calls it the best he’s given to her for a long time, but she feels Cooper is angry. The women hug it out, putting the drama behind them.

How Billie and Cooper met

Putting something in a box is okay, but only if you’ve dealt with it; episode 2 proves that Billie never dealt with her feelings for Brad.

In a flashback, Sasha wants to take a downbeat Billie out; she wants to avoid Brad. This was when she met Cooper, who asks Billie for directions on campus. She senses that Cooper is playing the game and does not need directions. Billie joins a seminar hosted by Cooper, who gives a speech about his career — she’s impressed by him. They both go out for a drink afterward. Cooper talks about wanting to go to Connecticut and settling down — Billie is surprised by how perfect Cooper is. Cooper bumps into his ex at the bar, and he asks Billie if she’s friends with her exes; a brief flashback shows Billie sobbing over Brad. Billie wanted this to be when she put Brad in a box, which was quite clearly a mistake.

Cooper wants to reignite his sex life with Billie

Episode 2 starts to suggest that the journal has its benefits for Billie’s marriage…

In the present day, when Cooper returns home, he kisses Billie, which takes her by surprise. He’s bought her a dress and tells her he’s taking her out “just like the old days.” While breast pumping milk, Billie puts on her new dress, and she starts to recognize herself again.

In a flashback, Brad found Billie delivering a seminar and sat down to watch — she had obviously grabbed his attention. Brad is surprised that Billie left his apartment, as that is not what usually happens. They remind each other what happened last night, and Billie raises how she doesn’t trust him and has no reason to. She tells him they should stop, but Brad says he does not want to — he raises how Billie saw right through him and that no one else does. Billie is overawed by his words, and she gives in. In the present day, this memory runs through Billie’s mind.

“Love bubble rush”

On the way out, Billie asks Cooper if he wants to talk about their morning with the journal, but he doesn’t want the night to be about that. At the bar, she is reminded of the “love bubble rush,” which is hard to forget. In a flashback, Brad takes Billie to a tube station and asks her to join him down the tunnel; she reluctantly joins him. A train comes, so Brad grabs Billie and takes her to a gap where it is safe — it’s a thrill for them both, and Billie liked it, which leads to an intense hook-up. In the present day, Billie snaps out of it and asks Cooper if they can leave and get dinner. However, the band comes on, and Cooper tells Billie they are going to dance.

At this point, Billie knows that her past with Brad is strongly impacting the way she thinks and feels.

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“Bad boy s**t”

On the way home, Cooper takes a detour and takes Billie to a mansion that they should not be entering the grounds of; Billie likes this “bad boy s**t” as Cooper takes her near the pool. Billie realizes the journal helped as Cooper strips her. They both get into the pool, and Cooper reminds her how much he loves her, and she reciprocates. Billie narrates that the journal was an instruction manual as Cooper goes down on her. The owner of the mansion finds them, so they leg it away. Cooper raises how the owner is a client, and he was supposed to be in Singapore. Suddenly, the police chase them, and Cooper speeds off.

Sex/Life Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

The couple returns home giddy and excited. Cooper tells Billie that he will wait for her in the bed. Billie rings Sasha and gives her friend an update; she’s super excited that the journal has turned things around. Sasha tells Billie that she’s found “the holy grail of behaviour modification techniques.” Meanwhile, as Cooper prepares for bed, he eyes up Billie’s laptop, and the visual descriptions of what his wife did with Brad runs through his mind, and he throws up in the toilet; he’s clearly not okay with it, meaning plenty of problems are coming their way.

And then, another problem; Brad calls Billie out of the blue and tells her he has wanted to call her for a long time. He explains how he has tried to get over her for 8 years. He states if she doesn’t think of him, he’ll never call again. Billie hesitates before saying, “I don’t,” and she puts the phone down. As she prepares for bed, her iPhone pops up with a message from Brad calling her a liar. She snuggles up to her husband, but she only has one thing on her mind — Brad. “S**t.”

Episode 2 delves further into Billie’s desire and explores the effort required to save a stale marriage; there’s clearly more drama coming our way as Sex/Life has an addictive approach to it.

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