Sex/Life season 1, episode 7 recap – “Small Town Saturday Night”

June 25, 2021
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Episode 7 shows the pains of trying to make a marriage work, with the past creeping up from behind — the writers have managed to keep this story interesting.

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Episode 7 shows the pains of trying to make a marriage work, with the past creeping up from behind — the writers have managed to keep this story interesting.

This recap of Netflix’s Sex/Life season 1, episode 7, “Small Town Saturday Night,” contains major spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous chapter.

It’s about time the series delved more into Brad, and what a time to truly bring him into the fold in the present while Billie’s marriage edges towards a disaster.

Episode 7 opens with a flashback; Brad and Billie are excited after a lovely dinner party — Brad asks her about the article, not realizing he was a big part of it. He’s proud of it, and he touches her small baby bump. Brad tells her to get into the bath, and he reveals to the audience that he has an engagement ring for her. In the present day, Brad is depressed over the past while in the bath.

Sasha tells Billie to work hard at her marriage 

Meanwhile, Cooper is furious at Billie about the night before when she went out with Brad. He doesn’t want to pretend to be a happy family. Billie meets up with Sasha, and she gives her a reality check — Billie tells her it is over and states her journal is gone. Sasha tells her that they need to figure it out and go to couple’s counseling. She wants her to fight for Cooper.

When Billie returns home, she makes a cake for Cooper to congratulate him for making partner at work. Cooper is still not in the mood to talk. She meets talks to him in the garden and states nothing happened with her and Brad. Billie begs him and states she thought she lost everything when she came home, and the house was empty. She admits the only thing she felt was missing was the sex. Cooper agrees that he got complacent, and he understands how she felt about the “thrill” when he saw the possibility with Francesca. He wants to have those thrills with Billie.

Billie asks if it is possible to have thrills and safety at the same time. Cooper tells her he wants it all.

But again, like the last chapter, is it possible to have 100% both? The series keeps toying with this idea, leaving the audience to answer it for themselves.

Sasha reminds Brad of what he did to Billie

Brad meets up with Sasha, and he wants help in getting Billie back, but she isn’t interested in talking about it. He believes he and Billie are inevitable. The pair keep arguing about Billie, and Sasha reminds him of what he did after the miscarriage. In a flashback, straight after the miscarriage, Brad wants to go to work and asks for space — he leaves her on her own at the worst possible time.

The wedding 

And then, we start to understand how bad Brad was with Billie in their toxic past.

They go to Billie’s cousin’s wedding together. Billie’s mother gives them advice about the miscarriage and says they shouldn’t give up and get married first. Brad ends up hooking up with a woman behind the bar at the wedding party, and Billie catches him. They argue, and Billie believes he wanted her to catch him as an excuse for her to walk out on him, just like his father did. As she walks off, Brad says it is his fault they lost the baby. He doesn’t believe he’s worthy of being a father.

Billie tells Brad that he has to face his father, or she can’t be with him unless he does. Brad states he did find him after learning that he was going to be a dad. He asks for one more chance. Billie tells him to see his father and work it out.

A disastrous sex party

And just when we thought that Billie and Cooper had a chance to work it out, it goes wrong in the worst place possible in episode 7.

Friends come over to Billie and Cooper’s house after their talk. Billie asks one of her friends about spicing a marriage up — Trina tells her to get a babysitter so she and Devon can show the couple something.

They take the struggling couple to a sex party, and they are in shock when they enter. They are so overawed by the situation that they end up giddy. Eventually, Cooper likes this party, and Billie can tell. As they watch two women have sex, they strip off. Suddenly, the other adults look at them and surround the couple to watch. Billie isn’t sure about others watching them have sex, but Cooper doesn’t care. Billie puts her clothes back on — she doesn’t want Cooper to be Brad; she wants him to be Cooper, which angers her husband.

Trina then approaches the couple, and she tells Billie to trust her — she begins to go down on Brad, and Billie is heartbroken as Cooper tells her to carry on. Billie walks off crying as her husband orgasms. Devon tries it on with Billie, so Cooper ends up fighting him. Yes, it was a little hypocritical from Cooper here.

Recording studio

In the present, Brad is still depressed thinking about losing Billie — in the studio, his head isn’t working properly, and he takes it out on the artist, calling their singing soulless, but that it will probably go platinum. The artist decides to go again, and she invites him to go away with her. In a flashback, Brad tells Billie that he’s done and he’s packed all her clothes. He tells her that she’s “full of s**t” and admits he spent four days with a hooker instead. Brad throws her things in an elevator and tells her he doesn’t love her. She’s heartbroken as he shouts at her, telling her to leave. Brad had baggage, and it was entirely self-destructive.

The ending of Sex/Life season 1, episode 7?

Billie and Cooper return home, and Cooper has his arm in a sling after fighting Devon. The husband is not interested in talking. Sasha, who looked after the kids, can see Billie is upset and comforts her. Meanwhile, Brad is outside, watching, and he approaches the house with the engagement ring — he knows Billie is upset. Billie’s phone goes off — it is Brad. He asks her if she’s okay and asks Billie to come outside. After a series of messages, Billie gives in and meets him outside.

Billie tells Brad her life does not make sense. He tells her to stop trying so hard to make this life work. He shows the engagement ring and says this is something he should have given her eight years ago, but he let his issues get in the way. Brad promises her the life they should have had.

Who will Billie choose? Is it even a question anymore, or will the finale serve one final twist?

Episode 7 shows the pains of trying to make a marriage work, with the past creeping up from behind — the writers have managed to keep this story interesting.

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