Next Time On… Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episodes 7 and 8

June 28, 2021
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We’re almost halfway through the series, and everything is starting to unravel as we head towards Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episodes 7 and 8. Although the plot and drama are not as grand as we expect them to be, it is still… tolerable. Anyway, episodes 5 and 6 came off quite well. Here’s what happens inside the world of cheaters this week:

  • Ga-bin confronts Si-eun and pushes boundaries between them.
  • Hyang-Gi finds out about the real identity of his father’s mistress, Nam Ga-bin.
  • Hye-ryeong and Dong-ma have a kick-off dinner together.
  • Sa-hyeon and Song Won bid farewell to one another.
  • Yu-shin puts an expiration date on his affair with Ami.
  • Ga-bin’s unresolved past with Dong-ma reveals her hidden motives for pushing her marriage and pregnancy with Hae-ryeon.
  • And most importantly, Pi-young finds out about Yu-shin’s hidden affairs!
Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episodes 7 and 8 release date/time

Episode 7 will be released on Netflix on July 3, 2021. The usual time is 3:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.) Episode 8 will be released at the same time the day after.

Episodes 7 and 8 questions and predictions:

Here are our questions and predictions:

  • Something is going to happen with Pi-young’s mother and her unrevealed father. We predict that Yu-shin’s affair will finally bring changes to Pi-young’s relationship with her mother.
  • Something is off with Ga-bin intention in pushing her relationship with Si-eun.
  • Ami will try to push herself into Yu-shin’s life in a harmful way by appearing herself to his family, especially Pi-young.
  • Both Pi-young and Dong-mi will have a surprising encounter with Ami.
  • The Park siblings will refuse to go to Hae-ryeon’s wedding; Hyang-gi might secretly meet Ga-bin.
  • Based on a sneaky preview, Sa-hyeon and Song Won will get back together and have a family event with Sa-hyeon’s parents; Hye-ryeong will bring herself as an uninvited guest and confront Song Won.
  • Sa-hyeon or Hye-ryeong might pledge for divorce again, but things will get messier between them.
  • Hye-ryeong might pursue her cheating agenda with Dong-ma.
  • This is dramatic, but something is yet to be revealed about Song Won; what if the baby is not Sa-hyeon’s, or her past is coming back to bite her?

What kind of drama you think will happen in Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episodes 7 and 8? Comment below! 

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