Somos. season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

June 30, 2021
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The season reaches a horrifying conclusion as the audience experience the result of a cartel retaliation.

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The season reaches a horrifying conclusion as the audience experience the result of a cartel retaliation.

This recap of Netflix’s Somos. season 1, episode 6 — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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If you have stayed until the end, then you can sense the ominous nature of this series. The finale is barely character-driven; it allows the scenario to play out as the viewer watches on in horror.

All seems quiet and peaceful, with Luis and Lucy, two children, enjoying their adventure around their farm in Allende. It’s too quiet, too peaceful. The cartel are arming themselves, ready to exact revenge on those who betrayed them. The DEA operation was compromised in the last chapter, and the true human cost is demonstrated in the finale.

Benjamin is advised to leave

Benjamin is told that people are talking about him, and he’s advised to leave for a while after what’s happened recently. He tells Silverio not to worry about him, but Silverio states he worries for his father, not him.

Moving through Allende

The cartel moves with their assault, showing no mercy, killing people on the way. A sense of dread fills the episode. One of the members is Paquito. Mrs. Chayo sees the young man and panics, ensuring she finishes work early and pushes her hotdog stand away.

Alarms are raised

Irene rings Erika, and she’s concerned about the police. There’s a tone in her voice that worries Irene. Meanwhile, Nancy, Tom, and their friend drive around. Suddenly, they stop as they see a group of vehicles passing them. They want to reach a safe place, sensing danger. They saw the weapons the passengers were holding. As for Armando, he’s with his new sweetheart, enjoying a few kisses and then they realise it suddenly got quiet at the party they were at.

When they return to the party, no one is there. Outside, the cartel is dragging people on vehicles. They quietly leave the place as they witness people getting shot point blank outside. The cartel is even demolishing buildings.

The cartel is slowly taking over the town, and even when the fire brigade turns up to help with fires, they are in trouble. The fire officers try and leave quietly, but it’s clear that this is not a normal operation as one of them is killed.

The finale is a horror show, revealing the extent of what happened in the true story.

Benjamin cornered

At the Linares ranch, word reaches them that the cartel is approaching. Benjamin believes they are here for him, but the priority is to make sure the family is safe. As they leave with their family, they are tracked down and trapped. No one was safe.

Tragedy after tragedy

Samuel takes Tom and Nancy to his father’s place, but there’s a sense of danger from his father as he asks Pablo to give his friends a ride. There’s tragedy after tragedy as the cartel kills more people. Tom and Nancy are even victims of this assault. Paquito looks around at all the madness, and he looks unsure of himself, smoking a cigarette outside, taking in what he has experienced.

When Paquito tries to run away from the situation, he’s shot. There isn’t the option to run away in this world. Meanwhile, Erika is worried about the whereabouts of her son Armando and sends out a message asking for information. Eventually, he returns home after escaping danger, and there’s so much relief.

The ending of Somos. season 1, episode 6

Mrs. Chayo asks one of the cartel members if they’ve seen her son-in-law is, but no one can help her. She learns that he tried to escape and didn’t make it.

Those back at the ranch do their best to defend it, but it’s a massive ask as they are outnumbered. It’s the end of the road. The series ends with bleakness — while there’s peace against, the true cost of human life can never be brought back. It’s an eery ending and wholly realistic of how cartel organizations destroy communities.

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