Generation 56k season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

July 1, 2021
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The ending brings a “will they/won’t they” moment as Daniel and Matilda seek the clarity they need.

This recap of Netflix’s Generation 56k season 1, episode 8, “The Elevator” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Do Daniel and Matilda end up together? That’s the main question of episode 8.

Episode 8 begins with a flashback — Daniel gives Ines a gift as a romantic token. The gift is tickets for a music concert, and she is happy about them, but she immediately drives off on a moped with Andrea — she’s clearly going with her, not Daniel.

Ines covers for Matilda

In the present day, Matilda has gone missing at the school play, and her fiance wonders where she is. Ines lies for her, claiming she has stomach pains and is in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Daniel and Matilda are sat on a rooftop — it looks like Matilda has followed her gut. Daniel brings up her message from the past, and feels he read it at the perfect time. Matilda admits she doesn’t know what to do.

Stuck in an elevator

On the way back down (so Matilda can return to the theatre play), the elevator breaks down. They need help, but the line for the fire department is on hold. Daniel believes being stuck in an elevator is fate. He grabs her by the face and as they are about to kiss, Bruno calls Daniel. Then, the elevator lights turn off.

Matilda feels she is selfish

When the lights come back on, Matilda grows more irritable. In a flashback, a young Daniel joins the young Matilda on the roof and he’s downbeat about it. In the present, Matilda calls herself selfish for running off with Daniel when it’s an important day for her fiance. Daniel tells her it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be with him, which annoys her but he continues to argues his case and tells her to do the right thing. Daniel tells her he’s in love with her, and the pair embrace passionately.

The romantic musical gesture

His father, Bruno, then shows up, and they are saved from the elevator. Matilda rings Ines, and she’s fretting. Ines tells her to get to her place as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Matilda’s fiance has prepared a romantic musical gesture with a band for Matilda for when she turns up. Daniel drops her off, and he tells her to wait, but she heads inside. Before she does, she kisses Daniel.

When she sees what her fiance has prepared, she’s in shock. The band stops playing, and Matilda cries. Her fiance hugs her and gives her a bouquet of roses. There seems to be an understanding despite the silence.

Daniel’s first kiss

In the flashback, Matilda asks Daniel if he’s had his first kiss, and when he says no, she kisses him. Daniel is happy that he’s finally had a kiss. In the present day, Daniel presents an app for dating and relates it to Matilda to the investors. The app is a “message in a bottle” where users can safeguard a message and open it years later for their loved ones. The investors are moved by his speech and think it’s a good idea.

The ending of Generation 56k season 1, episode 8?

In the present day, Matilda moves out of her ex-fiance’s house. They both seem accepting of the break-up. In the next scene, Matilda meets Daniel. She explains her ex-fiance knew something was wrong and told her to follow her heart. Matilda then drops the bombshell that she is saying goodbye and heading to Paris as her master’s course is starting.

Daniel is clearly broken up about it, but then suggests he’ll visit her — she kisses him, establishing that they have a relationship ahead of them.

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