Next Time On… Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 7

July 2, 2021
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Next Time On... Lisey's Story season 1, episode 7

“Now You Must Be Still” found Lisey venturing to Booya Moon and back again in order to wake Amanda from her catatonic state and begin to hatch a plan, with her and Darla, to take out Jim Dooley. Here is where we find ourselves ahead of Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 7:

  • Amanda is now healed… sort of. Lisey was able to bring her back from Booya Moon using the same kiss-and-regurgitate technique that Scott employed earlier in the season.
  • Lisey, Amanda, and Darla all swore to kill Dooley while stood atop a picnic table in a lashing rainstorm — it was a big symbolic moment for all three and a clear turning point in the season.
  • Dooley himself spent all episode skulking around various properties, so he was present at Lisey’s house to see her convince Officer Dan to cease his surveillance. With all the women planning his murder, does he see the danger he’s in, or an opportunity to get to all of them?

Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 7 release date:

Lisey’s Story episode 7 will air exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 9, at the usual time of 2am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT.

Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 7 predictions:

  • One assumes that the games begin here, in the penultimate episode, with Lisey, Amanda, and Darla enacting their plan to make Jim Dooley suffer for what he has done.
  • Are we expecting a more straightforward real-world cat-and-mouse game here, or something that specifically employs Lisey’s ability to travel back and forth to Booya Moon?
  • I’d imagine that Amanda will remain free of her catatonia now. Question: Can the water-spewing thing work the other way? Like, can Lisey use it to take someone to Booya Moon?
  • Will we find out what’s really at the end of the bool hunt? I’d imagine that’s finale business.
  • Disclaimer: I have screeners of the next two episodes, but I haven’t watched either and I haven’t read the book. I’m not even sure I’m allowed to share the next episode’s title, so I haven’t, but suffice it to say this could all be completely embarrassingly wrong speculation.

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