Next Time On… Physical season 1, episode 6 – “Let’s Get It On Tape”

July 2, 2021
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In the latest episode of Apple TV+’s aerobics dramedy Physical, Sheila had a number of ups and downs, including a relapse that found her once again binging and purging in order to cope with a number of competing dramas in her life. Before we start speculating about Physical season 1, episode 6, titled “Let’s Get It On Tape”, let’s quickly go over where we stand:

  • Sheila filmed her first aerobics home workout video, and after some persuasion, Bunny more or less got on-board with the idea.
  • Sheila used Ernie’s stolen video camera to record the workout, and accidentally taped over some worrying footage of several women shaving their heads that Tyler theorizes is probably some kind of fetish video and the reason why Ernie is so desperate to get the device back.
  • On that point, Ernie is on something of a rampage and fired his housekeeper, causing all kinds of personal problems for Greta.
  • Sheila finally stood up to Danny’s repulsive campaign manager Jerry. But…
  • Danny showed some genuine political chops in a televised debate against property developer John Breem, proving to both himself and Sheila that he can run for public office without her. And where does that leave her?

Physical season 1, episode 6, “Let’s Get It On Tape” release date:

“Let’s Get It On Tape” will air exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 9, at the usual time of 2am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT.

Physical season 1, episode 6, “Let’s Get It On Tape” predictions:

  • The stolen camera looms large over proceedings now. Since we already know thanks to the flashforwards that Sheila becomes successful, the matter of whether she chooses to film her own aerobics future or Danny’s campaign counter-ads seems obvious. But what will that do to her marriage?
  • With Sheila having relapsed, trying to manage her eating disorder amongst all of her other problems will likely form a strong throughline for the latest episode.
  • “Let’s Agree to Disagree” shared some of Bunny’s backstory as a Lebanese immigrant. While this is obviously rationalizing her spiky personality, is it also going to turn Sheila into more of a “villain” when she sucks up all of her business?
  • Is next week when Ernie will discover who really stole the camera? How will that affect Sheila’s relationship with Greta, and perhaps more to the point, what will come of the footage that was already on there?
  • With Sheila having already embraced more of her ruthless side — stealing the camera in the first place, standing up to Jerry, etc. — I think we’re going to continue more in that direction, with her getting increasingly drastic in her efforts to further her own career and finally feel good about herself despite her own constant, self-loathing internal monologue.

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