Mortel season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 2, 2021
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Netflix series Mortel season 2, episode 6 - Aprezan nou lyanne - the ending explained


The finale turns out to be the best chapter of the second season as everything that has been built up since season 1 comes nicely together.

This recap of Netflix’s Mortel season 2, episode 6, “Aprezan nou lyanne” — the ending explained — contains major spoilers.

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A lot goes on in the final episode of season 2, so let’s break it down!

The start of episode 6 shows Reda and Audrey running away, but as they reach some stairs, Reda stops, and Audrey is emotional and confused. It then flits to the present, and Audrey has stopped breathing. Sofiane tries to get through to him, but Reda is dismayed and feeling guilty for not leaving town with her. He decided to stay so that he could be a “good person.” He had promised to join her later. Reda explains to Sofiane that Angela visited, and afterward, he asked Audrey to give him Obé back. And so he did, but after, Audrey died. Reda asks Sofiane to leave, but then he transforms into Obé.

The Désandans are coming

Obé looks at the deceased Audrey, and he tries waking her up — he’s visibly upset, and surprisingly, Obé hugs Sofiane and reveals that Angela used Désandans poison on her. Sofiane must alert the others that the Désandans are coming, but then Obé knocks him out. Afterward, Obé has his own memorial for Audrey, and he summons the Marked Ones.

Bringing this God down was never going to be simple.

Sofiane updates the others

When Sofiane wakes up, he updates Luisa and Victor. Luisa believes that Angela can help with the Separation spell on Obé/Reda. Victor starts blaming himself, but his friends comfort him. A flashback reveals Angela calling Dark Victor and telling him that Audrey must die in order to kill Obé. Sofiane tells him that they will get through this together.

A distraught Angela warns Luisa what will happen next // Luisa reveals the new plan

Luisa rings Angela and tells her Obé is still alive, and she is distraught. She thought sacrificing her would work. Luisa states they need to do it their way, but Angela warns that Jocelyn is on his way with the others. They will try to kill anyone linked to Obé. Luisa tells Angela that she needs to do the Separation.

The next day, Victor and Sofiane face the Marked Ones. Victor takes something from them, and he sprints into the woods, but then he’s punched by one of the Marked Ones — he’s completely unconscious.

Separation attempt

As we reach near the halfway point, it dawns on Luisa what she must do to overcome Obé as the finale takes an exciting turn.

Angela performs a ritual on Reda where she opens a door within him and tells him to fight Obé and expel him. When she opens him up, Obé tells Angela and Luisa that Reda has already lost. Obé takes Angela into the words and slits her throat, and throws her next to Audrey. Suddenly, Audrey briefly breathes, but his sacrifice doesn’t work. He turns his attention to Luisa and screams, but he switches Reda, who tells her to run and that Obé is going to sacrifice the Marked Ones.

Luisa completes initiation

Panicked, Luisa tells her grandmother that she needs to finish her initiation. Luisa enters the Lake of the Spirits as part of the process. Her grandmother tells her not to listen to the spirits and ignore them. A spirit grabs her, and her grandmother forces her to stay in the lake. The grandmother resets the timer and tells Luisa to follow the light as she lays dormant in the bath.

Luisa will not wake up, so Victor and Sofiane help drag her out of the bath. Meanwhile, in the Lake of the Spirits, her father speaks to her, and he gives her instructions on how to finish the initiation. He tells her that her heart is pure. With her father’s guidance and love, Luisa finds the light.

The battle commences

And then, episode 6 turns up the heat again as we witness a war at the school (where else would it be).

Obé gathers the Marked Ones, and they partake in a ritual to try and bring Audrey to life and open up the door to the spirit world. Victor, Sofiane, Luisa, and Elizabeth turn up at the school. Jocelyn approaches Elizabeth and says she is too late. Elizabeth tells the others to go while she deals with Jocelyn.

Infiltrating ritual

Luisa, Victor, and Sofiane head inside the school and start fighting the Marked Ones. Luisa enters the ritual, and the Marked Ones all have their eyes closed with a knife to their neck, ready for the sacrifice. She sneakily takes the package, but then she ends up facing Obé, but she manages to put him unconscious.

Luisa’s ritual

Victor, Luisa, and Sofiane find themselves fighting the Marked Ones, some being their own friends. Luisa heads to the roof to perform her own ritual while Victor and Sofiane face Obé. They struggle as Luisa’s ritual is not making any impact at first. Eventually, a panicked Obé runs to the roof as Luisa’s ritual takes effect — the Marked Ones collapse, their sacrifice ritual takes over. Sofiane kneels to Reda and asks him not to give up and offers to take Obé for him. However, Reda will not agree. Sofiane does it anyway and uses the union spell to take Obé.

Getting rid of Obé once and for all

The finale shows bravery amongst the three friends as they reach a point of no return in bringing down the god.

Sofiane is in agony, and he asks Luisa to do the Separation as soon as possible. This time it nearly works, and she tells Sofiane to fight and expel Obé. Sofiane asks Victor to kill him like promised. Flashbacks show that Sofiane told the other two a backup plan in case the Separation doesn’t work — in order to get rid of Obé, he must be killed.

Victor grabs the blade and hesitates, but Sofiane tells him they can do it together. The blade goes straight into Sofiane’s body, and Victor and Luisa are in emotional anguish as their friend falls to the ground. Obé then appears behind him, and he slowly burns away. He’s finally gone.

The Evil One

There’s a feeling of emptiness between Victor and Luisa, but then Victor asks Luisa what the signs were — “The Evil One’s hands will bear the mark of a ritual. Right?”. Luisa understands Victor’s thought process — all three of them are The Evil One together, so Sofiane has to come back. They use the blade to slice their hands and perform a ritual as blood drips on Sofiane. Sofiane suddenly breathes, and the friends embrace each other.

Reda’s letter

With the battle over, episode 6 ties up loose ends and brings some imagination for a third season.

It’s the calm after the storm, and Reda is leaving town, so he is saying goodbye to everyone. Reda reveals that he’s managed to arrange a retake of an oral exam for Sofiane that he missed a few weeks ago. Reda had sent a letter to the school, highlighting the good points of Sofiane and its narrated to the audience; it’s a heartwarming letter.

Victor reveals his trauma to his family

Victor finally speaks to his family about the abuse he suffered from with Luisa by his side. He explains what happened to him when he was younger, and that’s why he hasn’t been right since.

The ending of Mortel season 2, episode 6

Sofiane passes his exam, and he, Victor, and Luisa celebrate with weed and beers. Victor asks Luisa what it’s like to have the Power, so she shows them by marking blood on their eyes. Suddenly, they are amazed, and they can see the world differently. Victor notices that all the light is heading to one place and asks Luisa if it’s normal. She says it isn’t, so they check out the source behind a tree stump. This is where Audrey was buried.

Victor uses his powers to see if he can hear — he tells them that a baby is crying underneath them. Is this a season 3 hint, folks? It sure seems like it. We can only assume the baby is the offspring of Audrey and Obé, but what does this mean for Sofiane and his friends? Will they need to raise the baby in the hope it does not want to thirst for evil intentions? Another theory is that the baby could be Obé reborn.

The finale turns out to be the best chapter of the second season as everything that has been built up since season 1 comes nicely together.

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