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July 6, 2021
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[Updated: 13/07/2021] — article updated to reflect a new release date (see below)

After a heartbreaking juncture, we expect the competitive edge to return in Racket Boys episodes 13 and 14. Here is where we are with the lead characters:

  • After Yong-tae’s mistake in the draft matches, there are tensions in the team.
  • Hae-kang hints to Se-yoon that she’s a close friend.
  • Hae-kang does have peace talks with Yong-tae knowing that it wasn’t his fault.
  • There was one more place for the nationals, and it’s between In-sol and Hae-kang — in an intensely close game, In-sol loses, and he’s heartbroken; he will not be competing.
  • The real abuser of the players in the past (and present) is Coach Chun. As he’s about to beat Yong-tae and Eun-ho with a stick, Coach Hyeon-jong turns up and intervenes.
  • There’s a death in the community — old Grandma.
  • We learn about Ra Yeong-ja’s best and worst moment when she won gold at the Asian Games — her mother died during the tournament, and she had no idea. Her mother told everyone not to tell her that her condition had worsened.
  • The daughter of the deceased old Grandma’s name is Shin Song-hee.
  • Yong-tae is frequently talking to a girl named A-yeong.
Racket Boys episodes 13 and 14 release date

Episode 13 will be released on Netflix on July 12, 2021. The usual time is 4:00 pm (GMT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world.) Unfortunately, Episode 14 has been postponed until July 19 due to Covid-19 issues and Olympics programming.

Summary and predictions for Racket Boys episodes 13 and 14

We got a little sneaky preview at the end of episode 13:

  • The smoker in the gymnasium will be revealed.
  • Han-sol will doubt her abilities in the next two chapters as Se-yoon is not by her side. Why is Se-yoon not there?
  • Expect the competitiveness to heat up with the National Sports Festival edging closer.
  • Will Hae-kang beat Park Chan in badminton for Se-yoon?
  • Will In-sol somehow manage to be able to participate in the Nationals after asking his father for help?
  • What will Hae-kang and Bae do to bring solutions to the association to ensure there’s no abuse in the sport?

What do you think will happen? Comment below.

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