Next Time On… Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 8 – “Lisey’s Story”

July 9, 2021
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If we’re being frank about it, only, like, two things happened in the latest, penultimate episode of Lisey’s Story, and only one of them we can really be sure about. Nevertheless, there are plenty of questions heading into next week’s finale, but before we speculate too much about Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 8, let’s just take account of where we are:

  • Scott survived being shot by a crazed fan only to then die from an infection dating all the way back to when his brother, Paul, scratched him. The pool waters of Booya Moon had kept him alive, but in his most critical moments, the Long Boy blocked his passage to its sustenance, he vomited its waters on-stage at a publishing event, and expired without its protection. This lent some clarity to Scott’s death, the nature of the Long Boy, and the fickle nature of Booya Moon.
  • Lisey, Amanda, and Darla enacted their plan to lure in Jim Dooley so that Lisey could drag him to Booya Moon. This seemed to occur with otherworldly help from Scott, suggesting he has some authorial control over Lisey’s story, and indeed Lisey’s Story, a significant tome he mentioned to Amanda but that she can’t recall the details of.
  • Lisey pieced together that Dooley and Scott’s would-be assassin met in a mental hospital.
  • Dooley shot and killed Officer Beckman (RIP!)

Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 8 release date:

Lisey’s Story episode 8 will air exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 9, at the usual time of 2am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT.

Lisey’s Story season 1, episode 8 predictions:

  • Dooley will meet his end, presumably thanks to the Long Boy. If his noisy ranting doesn’t attract Booya Moon’s guardian then Lisey’s shovel and ketamine will help. Either way, he’s in big trouble.
  • You’ve got to expect there will be a final round of flashbacks detailing the years after Paul’s death, and what happened to Scott’s father.
  • The significance of Lisey’s Story will no doubt be revealed.
  • Will Lisey continue to visit Booya Moon? Can she interact with the hooded poolside watchers, Scott among them?
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