Next Time On… Physical season 1, episode 7 – “Let’s Take This Show on the Road”

July 9, 2021
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There is still plenty of Physical left to go, but the latest episode felt like a crucial turning point. With Physical season 1, episode 7 only a week away, let’s take account of where we stand before we try to figure out where we might be going:

  • Sheila continues to try and further her own aerobics career while also supporting Danny in his political campaign. This has left her broke, in mountains of debt, and very close to having her wild spending discovered since Jerry wants to increase the advertising budget on Danny’s campaign ad.
  • With Sheila and Bunny finally on the same page, they’re doubling down on their home-video business idea, recording the sessions and putting them on tapes which Sheila is later able to sell — but not without cost.
  • Sheila flogging her tapes at Greta’s tea party tips Greta off to the fact she must have used the stolen camera in order to do so. When Greta confronts her about it, she confesses but also hands over the head-shaving tape that she found in the camera in the first place.

Physical season 1, episode 7 release date:

“Let’s Take This Show on the Road” will air exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, July 16, at the usual time of 2am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT.

Physical season 1, episode 8 predictions:

  • Sheila’s spending is catching up to her. With Jerry adamant about increasing the advertising budget for Danny’s campaign ad, is she going to have to come clean? Or will she try and drum up the money another way? I’m betting the latter.
  • Will Greta keep Sheila’s secret? I have a suspicion that she will. She’s obviously going to be appalled by the contents of the tape, and her husband’s probable infidelity, so it will be obvious to her why he was so determined to retrieve the camera.
  • Here’s a question, though. Will the eternally put-upon Greta see this as leverage, a way to finally get some power over her husband and the friend she’s obviously so jealous of? And if so, what will that entail?
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