Fear Street Part Two: 1978 ending explained

July 10, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Fear Street Part Two: 1978, so it will contain major spoilers.

In part two of Leigh Janiak’s Fear Street trilogy, we follow the Berman sisters in 1978 as a massacre unfolds at their summer camp, while in the present the Johnson siblings try and figure out how to put an end to the witch.

Cindy Berman (Emily Rudd)’s boyfriend Tommy has been possessed by the witch (we don’t yet know how the witch chooses her targets, just that somehow they end up with their name written on a wall) and goes on a rampage murdering campers with an ax. 

All seems well towards the end when Cindy and her sister Ziggy (Sadie Sink) manage to kill Tommy. Cindy’s formerly estranged friend Alice (who she reconciled with earlier in the movie) finds out how to stop the witch — she’s found the witch’s hand, and all they have to do is reunite it with the rest of her body.

Simple enough, until Ziggy gets her blood on the hand, then the gooey creature that they found earlier underground comes alive, bringing back all the undead serial killers — including Tommy, who kills Alice.

The Bermans make it to the hanging tree and dig — but her body isn’t there. They fail to escape and are killed by the witches’ minions. Sometime later, Nick (who will become Sheriff) appears and performs CPR on Ziggy — something that shouldn’t work to a victim slashed by a shovel… but alas.

Ziggy wakes up and reveals her name to be Christine — yes, the C. Berman played by Gillian Jacobs wasn’t Cindy, but Ziggy. After this underwhelming twist, present-day Ziggy (who is obsessed with Bowie — we get it!) proclaims there’s nothing that can be done. But Deena, having seen the witch’s bones last movie, knows there is. 

She and Josh find the hand — the campsite was turned into the mall, and the tree is still there. As she returns the hand to the rest of the body, her nose bleeds and she suddenly finds herself inside Sarah Fier’s body — in 1666.

It’s an interesting prospect for the next film to explore, and I hope it answers all the questions I have. Why is the witch causing this violence, for example? How and why does she choose someone to possess? And how will they stop her? 

All will be revealed (or maybe not) next week!

What do you think of the ending of the Netflix film Fear Street Part Two: 1978? Comment below. 

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