How I Became a Super Hero ending explained – will Park Royal rise again?

By M.N. Miller
Published: July 10, 2021
ending of the Netflix film How I Became a Super Hero

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film How I Became a Super Hero, so it will contain major spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut Film Critic, M.N. Miller, called How I Became a Super Hero, “Entertaining, Funny, and genuinely engaging.”

How I Became a Super Hero – the set-up

In Paris, a new society of superheroes has grown. Everyone sees them on television, and everyone wants to be one. So, a mastermind, Naja (Swann Arlaud), creates a new drug for all those developing kids out there to try. It gives them superpowers so that everyone can become their own little superhero. No more sticking around and rubbing elbows with the bottom-feeding mere mortals. Now everyone can be that special snowflake they desire.

Though, with great power comes great responsibility. And one of these entitled new heroes starts a nightclub fire, injuring five people with severe burns. A French cop, Gary Moreau (Pio Marmai), has been less than impressive of late. He is matched with a new partner, Cecile Shaltzmann (Vimala Pons), who is equally unimpressed with his mix of tardiness and arrogance. Together, they complement each other well and begin to put the pieces together to stop the widespread drug from causing an epidemic across the city.

Netflix’ How I Became a Super Hero – the ending explained

The last act of the film reveals what has been going on for years. The head of Fundamental Research in Superpowers was approached years prior by parents who wanted their child’s powers to be ripped from his body. The Doctor refused. The program specializes in fishing the psychiatrist disorder that is directly linked to the superpower the individual has. It’s not his place to, let’s say, neuter the child. It’s only his job to find the cause.

However, a former physician at the project took up the cause and was successful. The boy’s name was Matias, and he wasn’t happy about it. He ended up murdering his parents for taking away his special gift of limiting anyone’s free will that stemmed from a psychosocial disorder. The boy’s name was Matias. Only, we know him as Naja. That’s right. He grew up to be the villain trying to create the drug. To give anyone superpowers that want them. Oh, and so he can get his back. That agency’s former doctor, now a psychiatrist, has been giving him tips for years on what people have powerful abilities; so he can kidnap them and try to harness them.

Back to the good guys, we now know Moreau has the ability but has kept it a secret from everyone, except the Pack Royal. They discovered his power way before he did. They took him under his wing, but his mentor, Gigamon, was killed while teaching him how to utilize his superhuman strengths. He left behind a five-year-old daughter named Lily.

Naja is tipped off by one of his high school drug dealers. She is kidnapped and held against her will. Taking her blood in an attempt to come up with powerful drugs to mimic her powers of blasting electricity from her eyes. They do, of course, and create the perfect super drug. Only Moreau, Celeste, and the remaining Park Royal members have other plans. They save Lily because Moreau finally embracing his abilities to their full capacity. He lifts Naja and rockets up to the sky above.

Naja/Matiste’s anger is finally too much to contain. He begins to send a blast of energy every which way but Sunday. Norway, who begins to sense his foe is about to combust from all that depression, pain, and loneliness begins to let him go and dive for safety. Naja then explodes and Moreau is nowhere to be found. Except, he appears at the steps. Moreau is burned, his clothes are simmering, and his skin is embedded with blue crystals, but he’s alive.

After saving Lily, the brass says the regulations say Moreau can’t stay on the force. Celeste is reassigned but as the Park Royal’s liaison, setting up a sequel since our hero has now found his true identity. His alter ego is Titan, now the head of the resurrected Park Royal team.

What happens next – How I Became a Super Hero

This French comic book film has an after-credits scene! Gigamon’s daughter, Lily, is seen in her bedroom. She seems to be drawing on a pad of paper. When she is satisfied with her sketch, she smiles and walks out of the room. The camera focuses on the desk, and the sketch is revealed: It’s a picture of her in a superhero outfit, presumably set to pick up what her father started.

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