Kung Fu season 1, episode 10 recap – “Choice”

July 13, 2021
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This recap of Kung Fu season 1, episode 10, “Choice”, contains spoilers.

After last week’s road trip episode prompted Nicky to do a bit of soul-searching, Kung Fu episode 10, “Choice”, lives up to its title by making decisions front-and-center of the character drama. But it wasn’t just Nicky who had to make them. Mei-Li, having been able to listen to Mei-Xue’s recordings, is leaning more towards traditionalism in her personal life and business, Althea’s wedding on the horizon forces Ryan to take a big step with Joe, and Nicky, of course, has to decide between Evan and Henry, even if it’s just to determine who will be her plus-one.

A lot to be going on with, then. And that’s without developments in the actual overarching narrative, which introduces the concept of The Forge, the place of construction for all eight mythical weapons and thus, the place with the right amount of energy to unleash terrible devastation should they all be reunited there. It’s Zhilan’s ultimate goal and thus of some considerable importance, but Kung Fu episode 10 smartly recognizes it isn’t necessarily of more importance than Ryan taking Joe to meet his parents or Nicky finally deciding it’s Henry that she wants and deciding to break the news to Evan.

It’s Evan who introduces the case of the week, involving a client of his, Cody Long, who has accepted a plea deal after languishing in jail but just might be innocent – he’s accused of drugging another frat boy, and Nicky offers to help Evan get to the bottom of the matter, which leads Nicky, with some tech help from Althea, back to college.

There are things being said here about hazing rituals, the general toxicity of fraternities, and the immigrant experience – subplots in this show are never just subplots, after all. But even on a surface level, it’s funny to see Nicky trying to blend in at the frat party, and satisfying to see her whoop a couple of the frat boys when she discovers their creepy screening room. With help from another young woman named Margot who was present during the drugging and has been coerced into silence – a situation not dissimilar from what Althea is also experiencing – Nicky is able to secure Cody’s release and save the day.

Kung Fu season 1, episode 10 also spares plenty of time for Zhilan and Kerwin, who’re ambushed by Mr. Tan’s head of security, Edgar, who threatens Zhilan so that Kerwin gives up the location of the weapons they stole. He agrees, but the two of them team up against Edgar and his men in a bloody fight, which leaves Kerwin rather shell-shocked. This focus on the villains is helpful. It helps Kerwin to seem less like a goon, and Zhilan’s insistence that the first one is always the hardest only makes her seem even more cold-blooded.

But “Choice” doesn’t give Ryan the happy ending he wants, since despite his parents really taking to Joe, he has been offered a dream job in Chicago and is going to have to take it – leaving Ryan behind. It’s a predicament since Ryan knows how much the job means to him and wants to push him to follow his passions. It means sacrificing their relationship, but isn’t that what love is all about? Hopefully, these two will find a way to be together, even if it’s just for the sake of the restaurant’s branding.

Oh, and we get our next lead on The Forge – one of Mei-Xue’s tapes holds the key, a line sung by her explaining in rather roundabout terms that the light through the turtle tree will lead the way. If you say so!

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