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July 20, 2021
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In the latest episode of The Republic of Sarah, we finally saw Greylock moving in the right direction. Politically, anyway — in the meantime, most of its residents continue to implode. Before we get onto speculating about The Republic of Sarah season 1, episode 7, let’s take account of where we are:

  • Sarah, having finally realized she can’t do everything on her own, decided Greylock needed a Congress and a Constitution. Danny, A.J., and Maya made their presences felt, all for different reasons and representing different interests.
  • Sarah and Grover didn’t work out romantically, so Sarah turned instead to Weston, the journalist who compared her to Chairman Mao.
  • A.J. messed things up with Alexis by revealing to her husband, William, that she was pregnant, not knowing that Alexis had secretly had an abortion and not told anyone.

The Republic of Sarah season 1, episode 7 release date:

“Sanctuary” will air on July 26, 2021, with no delays due to the Olympics. Every episode of The Republic of Sarah will be available to stream on The CW App and the day after broadcast for free and without a subscription.

Here’s the official promo:

The Republic of Sarah season 1, episode 7 synopsis:

Here’s the official synopsis:

With the government newly formed, Greylock’s fledgling congress must decide their immigration policy now that new people want to immigrate. Sarah and Danny are faced with someone from their past and have different reactions to the visitor. AJ shares a personal secret with Grover to encourage him to get the help he needs. Danny helps Corinne with some legal paperwork, but Corrine gets more than she bargained for. Meanwhile, Maya discovers that Tyler is a talented photographer and submits his photos to an upcoming art show, leaving Tyler upset.

The Republic of Sarah season 1, episode 7 predictions:

  • As is obvious from the title and the promo, “Sanctuary” is going to deal pretty heavily with immigration. Given how fast these episodes move you can’t expect the most nuanced debate ever on the subject, but it’s a worthwhile topic to explore these days.
  • Will Sarah’s relationship with Weston backfire? Almost certainly. This is a guy who had no compunctions about comparing her to a dictator, and he obviously has the power to cause her major problems if things don’t go well between them. I think we can expect some positivity at first, but keep an eye on Weston and see how he behaves when Sarah does something he disagrees with.
  • What’s going on with Danny and Corinne? The latter might be enjoying her happy family life, but it was Danny who inspired her to run for Congress, and there’s clearly still something between them. The synopsis implies she gets more than she bargained for when Danny helps her with some paperwork — is he going to make a move?
  • Grover is obviously trying to move on from Patience’s death. But will Sarah be there when he manages that? I think we’re heading in that direction ultimately, but it’ll probably require some drama with Weston first.
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