Bankrolled (Fondeados) ending explained – will the boys find success or happiness?

July 24, 2021
M.N. Miller 0
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix comedy film Bankrolled (Fondeadosso)- it will contain major spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut Film Critic, M.N. Miller, said about Bankrolled, “This Mexican comedy from writer-director Marcos Bucay requires an update.”

Netflix’s Bankrolled — the ending explained.

When the boys, Blas Solano (Ricardo Polanco) and Polo Rios (Aldo Escalante), find themselves in a slump, the roommates take part in some recreational drugs to spark an idea for a business. Once the drugs kick in, full-force, they crowdsource an idea to start an app called Sign Now. A social justice injustice app that helps connect all your needs and helps with petitions is a pretty great idea. You know, on paper. Well, they wake up the next day with more money than they have ever seen in their lives in their GoFundMe account. The problem is they had the idea, but also no idea how to invent such a thing. No worries, from years of watching the West Wing, we know that idea comes later, apparently.

And they are eventually outed as frauds. They lose everything mostly because Blas corrupted the app to be greedy, which enraged its supporters. All the people who invested or donated their money to the cause so they could save the manatee from the Seaspiracy or help Häagen-Dazs save the honey-bee went up in smoke. It’s all Rios’s fault, says Blas. Because he is too selfish, greedy, and ambitious for his own good, he taught him a person. He wants to be rich for the sake of being rich. He doesn’t choose fulfillment.

The company folds, Blas won’t talk to him, and Natalia has left him. While being berated in every restaurant and coffee shop in the city, he plans. He enters his best friend in a Barista competition (I hear they are fierce). He takes third place with his “Blow My Mind” dark roast. Naturally, all is forgiven after that. Yup. All it takes is a third-place finish. He even manages to apologize to Nina and get her back. You know, because women are so forgiving in that way when you ruin their lives, trust, and faith.

What does it all mean?

Everything is different cross-culturally. Polo wanted to be rich for the sake of being rich and famous. At the same time, Blas wanted to do what he loved. If he made money off that, then so be it. Today’s generation looks to bring fulfillment to their lives. Make a change for the better and help another human being while doing so. One wants to be rich for the sake of being rich. One doesn’t choose fulfillment.

Bankrolled tries to capture a generation’s self-inflicted ambiguity by trying to cut corners to get to the top. Life is about the journey, not the destination. It took Polo 97-minutes to figure that out and make a name for himself by inventing a channel dedicated to self-help and affirmation videos.

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