Outer Banks season 2, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Trapped”?

July 30, 2021 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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For those that enjoy Outer Banks they’ll love this episode. It’s exciting and hints at a lot of conflict in the next episode.

This recap of Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2, episode 9, “Trapped,” contains significant spoilers.

Watch out for the Gold

Spotting the gold cross just in time, Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss) swerves and narrowly misses being crushed to death by the cross. His problems don’t stop there, though; he starts having a severe allergic reaction to the wasp stings. With The Pogues rushing him to get aid, they’re unaware that Rafe and Renfield have followed them to the cross.

JJ brings Pope to the same guy whose ambulance he stole a few episodes ago. The Pogues’ reaction to the guy? They mess up his house and become angry at him whilst he tries to save Pope. As expected, Pope recovers. Making the stupid decision of allowing Pope to drive, he crashes and therefore ruins Kie’s parent’s truck. As they examine the damage, Rafe & Renfield drive past. To the Pogue’s horror, they go back to the church and find that the cross is gone. Rafe & Renfield now have it.

Carla has the Cross

Preparing for some trip, Rose ensures she’s not on the passenger list and gets told she must be ready to leave in 12 hours. Finally, in possession of the cross, Carla prepares herself for the miracle she’s longed for. However, upon opening it up, there’s nothing there. Renfield begins to mock her and continues to do so even when Carla cuts him off. He doesn’t care about her threats, Renfield has the cross now, which will provide enough money for him. Before he can leave, Carla shoots him. However, Carla is still left behind when Rafe takes her gun and drives off with the cross.

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The Pogues are stopped by Sheriff Shoupe. Kie’s parents reported Kie for stealing the truck, and with that, Sheriff Shoupe sends Kie home. Returning home, Kie gets warned by her parents that they will be sending her to a program for troubled teens unless her behavior changes. Rafe calls Rose and informs her that he has the cross. For some reason, Rose doesn’t seem too bothered; she is more focused on the fact that they must leave Outer Banks.

Sarah goes Home

John B, Sarah, JJ & Pope watch Rafe arrive at his home. They correctly assume he has the cross. Yet, John B believes that it’s the right time to talk to Sarah about their relationship. John B and Sarah are back together! (Yay for them). Sneaking inside her house, all with a little help from Wheezie, Sarah grabs the keys to the truck. But when she finds Renfield’s body, Rafe grabs her and locks her in the wine cellar. Appearing to calm the situation, Rose drugs Sarah.

As Rafe drives the truck, Pope jumps onto the back of it whilst John B & JJ chase after Rose, who they spotted driving with Wheezie and an unconscious Sarah in the back. Rafe takes a detour and feeds Renfield’s body to the alligators. It’s a wonder why the alligators weren’t as aggressive with John B when he was in the waters. Both Rafe and Pope end up fighting, and just as Rafe is about to shoot Pope, Pope is able to hide. Believing the alligators will grab Pope, Rafe leaves. With no other choice, Pope calls Kie for help.

Guess Who’s Back

Whilst John B & JJ watch the cross get transported onto the Coastal Venture, Kie & Pope reappear. They tracked John B & JJ using the phone’s location. Attempting to gain entry onto the Coastal Venture, Pope shoots some gas bottles and causes an explosion. They’re able to use it as an opportunity to sneak onto a container. Waking up on board the ship, Sarah learns that Ward is still alive.

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