Outer Banks season 2, episode 2 recap – what happened in “The Heist”?

July 30, 2021 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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If episode 1 didn’t get the excitement flowing, episode 2 definitely will.

This recap of Netflix’s Outer Banks season 2, episode 2, “The Heist,” contains significant spoilers.

Diving straight into where episode 1 concluded, Sarah sets off the water sprinklers. This allows her to interfere with the phone signal and nicely block her father from discovering that she and John B are alive. Paving the way for their escape, Sarah and John B are safe. For now.

From afar, Kie, Pope, and JJ record Gavin and Ward’s meeting. With the meeting quickly turning heated, Ward shoots Gavin in a bid to save his son from imprisonment. Whilst all this occurs, the gun falls down a drain, and Kie screams out to Ward that he’s a murderer. (Hardly the brightest thing to do in the situation). Forced to flee from Ward, the recorder gets broken. The trio argues who is to blame, but had Kie not shouted murderer, they wouldn’t have been forced to rush off.

Deal or no Deal

It’s time for Sarah to make a deal. She offers Terrance and Cleo 10 million apiece to help her and John B escape from the island. With nobody in sight, the cops are unsurprisingly finding it hard to believe claims that Ward has killed Gavin. With the recording of no use, it seems that all hope may be lost. That is until Pope conveniently states that they could get the gun from the drain.

As helping one get away with murder seems to be their version of family bonding time, Ward gets Rafe to help get rid of Gavin’s body. Not wanting stupid actions to be left solely to Kie, Sarah rings her sister. (A foolish thing to do if you’re on the run). Bad news for Sarah, stepmother Rose is listening.

Now armed with knowledge in how the gold will be transported; Sarah talks through the plan. This is where we learn how Cleo became involved with Terrance. Her father left, her granny died, and it inadvertently led to her meeting Terrance. Her advice to Sarah? Stay two steps ahead of Terrance and never trust him.

How Do You Solve A Problem like Kie in a Drain?

In Outer Banks, JJ, Pope and Kie search for the gun in the north drain. Unluckily for them, the gun hasn’t washed out with the trash. Even more unlucky is Kie, who is left to crawl the drain and retrieve it. But they’re not the only ones searching for the gun! Rafe has reunited with his old buddy/enemy Barry. Hearing Kie’s screams from inside the drain, Rafe instructs Barry to flush her out. Knowing doing such a thing would kill her, Barry refuses. Rafe doesn’t mind, though, and he flushes the water.

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With the water flushing through, Pope and JJ rush to a manhole and save Kie from certain death. Climbing out, Kie has ahold of the gun! (Redeeming herself from her earlier stupidity). Taking the gun to the Sherriff, they are quickly thrown out of his office. Despite this, the Sherriff searches the tracking number and learns that the gun belongs to Ward. Maybe a seed has been planted.

When in The Bahamas, Involve Yourself in the Dramas

In the Bahamas, Ward’s joined by Rafe. He shows his son all the gold he has, stating that there’s half a billion which saved the family from near ruin following the storm in season 1. Stubby watches as both Ward and Rafe leave with the gold. Unknowing to them, they drive straight into a trap as young children trap their vehicles and slash tires. Spotting a way out, Ward and Rafe continue with their journey; this time, however, they have no escort. Exactly what Terrance had hoped for.

Terrance and Cleo hold Ward and Rafe at gunpoint. But it all hits the fan when Ward catches Sarah running to the truck. Whilst he is overwhelmed with happiness, Rafe is not so much. He goes to shoot John B, misses, and John B drives off with Sarah. With Ward’s escort soon chasing after John B and Sarah, they soon lose them. Just as it seems that these two are the luckiest characters alive, Sarah reveals that she has been shot.

It’s an exciting episode, and it’s excellent to see Sarah get shot! Not that she isn’t a great character, as she is. But it was beginning to look like John B & Sarah were going to escape from each situation unscathed.

What did you think of Outer Banks season 2, episode 2? Comment below.

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