The Pursuit of Love episode 3 – the ending explained

July 30, 2021
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Marking off a round of great performances by Lily James and Emily Beecham, the final episode deals with ultimate love and a personal midlife crisis as both women have plenty of soul-searching to do.

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Marking off a round of great performances by Lily James and Emily Beecham, the final episode deals with ultimate love and a personal midlife crisis as both women have plenty of soul-searching to do.

This recap of Amazon Original series The Pursuit of Love episode 3 — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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This finale has plenty of highs and lows, passions and regrets, which in a way, encapsulates the feeling of the story. Episode 3 opens up with Fanny (played by Emily Beecham) looking for Linda (played by Lily James) at her house. However, Linda is still in Paris with Fabrice. In Paris, Linda escapes the apartment through the bedroom window. She believes she has escaped Fabrice, but he drives down the road in his car. He offers to take her to lunch before she gets a train to London, and she’s not hard to convince. Fabrice has taken a unique interest in Linda. It doesn’t take long for Fabrice to entice Linda — she’s attracted to him. Soon after, they sleep together after a night in a Parisian club, and she doesn’t return to London.

Fanny frets over Linda, but Linda is loving her new Paris life 

But of course, Linda always forgets to consider her friend’s feelings…Fanny is worried about Linda that hasn’t returned, and she talks to her husband Alfred about it. She thinks something bad has happened to her. But Linda is loving life with Fabrice with plenty of sex and flirtatious conversations, highlighting the differences between English and French women. Her new life involves a new apartment provided by Fabrice and buying loads of clothes every day. However, one day she returns home, and Davey, Merlin, and Fanny are there. They all mock her new, lavish lifestyle. Merlin is shocked that she’s with Duke Fabrice and that he’s the most wicked man in Europe who has had many women. There’s always a downside to Linda’s love life.

Linda doesn’t want to return, but a war is coming. 

Eventually, Linda and Fanny are left alone — Linda tells her she doesn’t want to be rescued as she thinks all Englishmen are hopeless lovers. She claims she’s never felt like this for a man before, but Fanny states that she has and that she’s easily led. The conversation is cut short as Fabrice is returning home, so they arrange lunch for the next day. You can tell Fanny feels let down. Linda tells Fabrice she doesn’t want to return home, but he warns her the war is coming, so she will have to.

Linda is a woman on the side

The last episode of the series ponders whether Linda will truly find the love and happiness she has always looked for. When Linda has lunch with Fanny, they overhear women talking about Fabrice being with another woman. Fanny wants to get to the bottom of it, but Linda insists she wants to keep her life. Fanny, Davey, and Merlin return home. And on the train, Fanny thinks Linda is a “woman on the side.” Merlin reminds Fanny that not everyone can achieve domestic bliss like her and Alfred. When Fanny returns, Alfred tells her that their baby has missed her greatly. Fanny is not in the mood and ponders whether the baby misses him when he’s at his glamorous, intellectual parties. They question their marriage, and Fanny claims she is losing her mind.

At this stage of the chapter, where Fanny wonders if she has the same burning desire as Linda — she wonders if she’s taken the right path in life.

The war arrives in The Pursuit of Love episode 3

And then, warnings of the war reach Paris, and Fabrice tells Linda that she must leave. Linda leaves her life France, as Fabrice puts on his soldier’s uniform. Meanwhile, Alfred is also leaving as he has to serve in the war, leaving their marriage in limbo. Linda returns to London and waits for Fabrice to return. Fanny and Linda were barely in touch despite both being lonely. But eventually, the women talk to each other. And then, Fabrice finally contacts Linda and meets her — he confesses his love for her and states in the past, all his other relationships were false. It seems genuine — Linda has finally found true love.

Fabrice returns to service, and Linda refuses to go to the countryside

As the episode progresses, the war looms in Britain as the series goes full circle to what we witnessed in episode 1. Fabrice joins Fanny and Linda for lunch, and Fanny is surprised. She tells Linda that her partner is wonderful. Fanny was so impressed by Fabrice that she ends up having a fantasy dream about him while on the train. Fabrice has to return to the war, and Linda is devastated. Fanny returns to the countryside, and Linda refused to leave London despite the bombings.

When Fanny visits her, Linda is not coping well, and she’s not kind to Moira either, who doesn’t want to stay in the city. Linda also reveals she is pregnant again, which prompts Fanny to reveal that she’s also pregnant. Fanny asks Linda if she wants to die for love, but Linda doesn’t want to be persuaded to leave. Linda admits she hasn’t been kind to Moira and feels like they were not born women at all.

A bomb finally hits Linda’s home 

Eventually, a bomb does hit Linda’s home — Fanny comes to help, and she sees Linda heavily pregnant, giggling, and sat on rubble. Fanny drives her to the countryside. Linda receives a letter from Fabrice, but she can’t make out what it says. Finally, both women makeup and complement each other — Linda calls Fanny the bravest woman she knows and that she’s lost without her. She calls Fanny “her home.”

Alfred returns briefly 

Alfred returns to meet Fanny while on leave. Fanny tells Alfred that she is always seen as this generous but sympathetic wife/mother while having selfish thoughts — she’s sick of being resentful and having this lion inside of her. She then tells Alfred that she’s pleased he isn’t dead, and they spontaneously have sex. This encapsulates marriage in a nutshell; it comes with challenges and sacrifices. We can feel sorry for Fanny, but at the same time, we can recognize she never wanted the life Linda wanted — she only wanted to flirt with the idea.

The ending of The Pursuit of Love episode 3

Linda and Fanny both have their babies at the same time, but it comes with tragedy — Linda died during childbirth. Fanny describes how a light went out — “a great deal of joy that can never be replaced.” There’s sadness at the countryside estate. Ironically, Linda did ask Fanny to look after her dog in case anything happened to her, but the dog ends up walking up to Merlin, who is grieving quietly. Fanny narrates how Fabrice was caught and killed; he was hailed as a hero. She loves Linda’s child just as much as her own. Fanny tells others that she did think that Linda would have been happy with Fabrice.

In the end, and ironically, Linda did find her happiness and her ultimate love, but it came at a tragic cost. She died believing she had found her “forever,” and Fanny was also in the belief that Fabrice was the one for her best friend. As for Fanny, there’s this idea that she’s willing to fight for her marriage and enjoy life with her family — she was open and honest with her husband, which shows that communication is the litmus test for any long-term relationship.

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