Shaman King (2021) season 1, episode 13 recap – the ending explained

August 9, 2021
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The finale is action-filled, but it’s flagrantly a leg up for the second season as the characters learn of a horrifying conspiracy.

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The finale is action-filled, but it’s flagrantly a leg up for the second season as the characters learn of a horrifying conspiracy.

This recap of Netflix anime series Shaman King (2021) season 1, episode 13, “And Hao,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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It’s time for Yoh to say goodbye to his everyday life, as nothing will be the same ever again. In fact, those heading to the main tournament have the same fate, knowing as soon as they arrive, they will be embarking on a new journey. A lot of this finale produces elements for the next season, but it is still entertaining.

There can only be one Shaman King. In the middle of the night, Yoh’s fiance recognizes how strong he has gotten while he sleeps away. She asks if she can spend the night with him, and he accepts.

Shaman King season 1, episode 13 recap

Everyone who has qualified for the main rounds is asked to meet at an airbase. When they arrive, Hao announces that he will be the future king and takes a cheap shot by attacking a member of the group. Ren gets quickly worked up and states he will be the king. Hao tells Yoh that he needs to become stronger, and he’d better win his matches.

But there’s no time to muse over brief events as Yoh and the group board their flight en route to the main tournament in America. Suddenly, there’s an announcement on the plane — they are told they need to reach Path Village within three months. The plane they are on is an Over Soul (and not real), so everyone suddenly falls in the sky. Ren and Yoh have a good idea; to focus all their mana on one spot to save their situation — they need calm to overcome the beginnings of this trial. They land on the ground safely by bringing their powers together.

The group needs to figure out how to get to Patch Village but they are confronted by Lilirara of the Seminoa who tells them to go home as she doesn’t want to comply with the Patch’s conspiracy. Ren immediately goes onto attack mode, but Lilirara is not having any of it and she attacks back. She starts using the power of illusion to make them feel they are having their arms and legs cut off and then tells them what the Patch did 500 years ago by using a visual power; they are placed inside Seminoa warriors’ memories.  Lilirara claims the plan is to eradicate humanity and build a Shaman Kingdom, and Silvia is leading on this.

The ending

Yoh and the group are shocked at the revelations. They are confused as to why Hao is there as he recently resurrected. Yoh feels this justifies for them to keep journeying to Patch Village. The group demand to know where the Patch Village is. Then, after calming down, the group spends time with Lilirara who tells them to make themselves at home and that she will tell them where the Patch Village is in the morning.

The next morning, Yoh and the group set off to reach the Patch Village. Lilirara feels they will do good. However, as they leave, Lilirara is attacked by Hao and the Spirit of Fire; Hao announces himself as the devil and that they are going to get revenge on humans.

There’s plenty of food for fought for the second season in this finale — this is now more than a tournament! There’s a conspiracy behind the entire arrangement.

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