Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild ending explained

August 12, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, so will contain major spoilers.

The film begins as the Fifth Fleet makes its way to the New World (the plot of Monster Hunter: World). A hunter named Gibson boasts that he will kill the Volcanic Elder Dragon Zorah Magdaros if it ever shows up. He claims that no one has met a monster that can handle Hunters like him and his friends. An older Aiden, now a full-fledged Hunter, declares that he has. 

We are then taken back in time, where we meet Aiden, a young, kind, confident character, interacting with all the villagers showing how well-liked he is, and how he clearly cares for everyone around him.  We quickly learn and see that Aiden is desperate to become a famous hunter, fighting and killing dragons in order to help and save mankind. In this world dragons and humans coexist, but the dragons pose a threat to humans and are therefore hunted. 

Whilst out practising his skills, Aiden finds himself facing a monster known as Velocidrome. Julius arrives and saves Aiden’s life. He also tells the boy the tracks that the latter was following were fake and created by a Lynian monster called Melynx. Aiden finds the Melynx and captures it. He learns that the Melynx can speak, and his name is Nox. Nox is a cat who now becomes Aiden’s sidekick. Julius is a real Hunter, coming to Aiden’s village to warn that their village is in the path of an Elder Dragon. Aiden has never heard of an Elder Dragon, so one is explained to him as being the most dangerous and devastating in all the land. This dragon is able to fly around the world burning everything in its path. 

Aiden’s village is now on the line; being told to evacuate and abandon their villages, Aiden steps up and demands to fight the elder dragon. Julius agrees, and throws a flame into the air, calling for aid as they will need some really big guns to help kill this dragon. 

They then run into a scientist hunter called Mae, dressed like a beautiful butterfly; she’s geeky and joins them on their quest. They then recruit Ace Gunner Nadia, a longtime friend and associate of Julius, who comes to their aid after seeing the flare, and the disgraced former Hunter Ravi, who now works as a blacksmith. Ravi builds a giant arrow-headed weapon with parts from various monsters. This should be the weapon of all weapons to kill the Elder Dragon. 

The gang are attacked and Aiden’s choices almost get the group trampled and killed. Julius confronts Aiden and tells him that whilst he claims to care for his village, all Aiden cares about is getting a pat on the back. Julius walks away from the group. Nadia has a talk with Julius, reminding him of their battles and journeys, and the team is back together. Now working with a blacksmith to make some seriously big weapons, we learn that Aiden’s first village was burned to the ground when he was seven, by dragons. This is his driving force to be the best hunter in the world. 

The village prepares a giant feast for everyone. Towards the end of the feast, the Elder Dragon arrives. Coming through a wall of fire, the boss battle begins. The dragon looks like a classic dragon, mixed with a lion, mixed with a cat; more cute than scary. 

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild ending

Each character takes a turn at attacking the dragon, hoping to chase it away from the village. They release rocks from the embankments, which slow the dragon down. They manage to get ropes around its feet and draw it closer so that someone is able to stick a sword into it. They fire one giant arrow (the dragonator) and it slays the dragon. Whilst fighting, two character, Mae and Ravi, die, sacrificing themselves. When they think the dragon has died, everyone celebrates. Then the dragon starts to come back to life, and Aiden runs off saying he has a great idea. It’s his time to shine. 

Quickly evacuating the village (which they should have done at the beginning) as the dragon comes in with full force, with now purple fire, we cut to Aiden lighting a spark to release all the water from the dam. So, really, Aiden destroys his village by flooding it, but the water puts out the fire and sweeps the dragon away. 

Then flash forward to being back on the ships at sea. Reading the final entry from Mae in her journal, we watch the ships sail away. Leaving the one question, is the dragon really dead? No. Probably not, so expect another film.

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