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August 15, 2021
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Nevertheless season 1, episode 10 is the finale and we’re not ready! Let’s just hope that Nabi does not ruin the minor progress she has made in Episode 10. As frustrating as Nevertheless can be, the drama does a great job of portraying how toxic some college relationships can be.

Exhibit A is Nabi and Jaeeon, no strings attached but Nabi is invested and can only blame herself as Jaeeon was clear from the beginning.

Exhibit B is Bitna and Gyuhyun — the dangers of friends to lovers. They both like each other but Gyuhyun likes her more but in previous episodes, she just used to string him along until he took a stand and shut their relationship down. Luckily for Byuhyun fans like myself, they get back together in Episode 9!

Exhibit C is Sol and Jiwan. There isn’t necessarily any toxicity between them but the lack of reciprocity Jiwan showed to Sol, in the beginning, was annoying. She was always wanting to know about Sol’s whereabouts but if Sol asked her about hers, she would shut the conversation down. That really isn’t fair.

Despite this, it’s still a great drama and can force people to reflect on their actions and how their actions affect others.

In summary, episode 9 consisted of the following:

  • Nabi and Jaeeon FINALLY ending things and Nabi crying.

  • Nabi ironically advising Jiwan on her relationship troubles.

  • Bitna and Gyuhyun finally getting back together.

  • Nabi is being rejected for an exchange program.

  • Dohyeok going above and beyond for Nabi (as usual).

Nevertheless season 1, episode 10 finale release date

The finale (episode 10), will be released on Netflix on the 21st of August, 2021 and we don’t anticipate any changes in scheduling.

Where to watch online

Nevertheless is a Netflix Original series and is available to stream on the platform (with a subscription). Viewers in South Korea can watch the episode by tuning in to JTBC every Saturday at 21:00 (KST).

Nevertheless season 1, episode 10 finale spoilers

Episode 10 predictions:

  • Considering the ending of episode 9, hopefully Nabi and Jaeeon stay the way they are. Away from each other!

  • Judging by the sneaky preview, Nabi has been having recurring nightmares. These nightmares are probably due to her encounter with Jaeeon. It’s upsetting because whenever she is with Jaeeon, she’s at her best with her artwork. I just want her to be able to have great artwork that isn’t contingent on how she feels about anybody.

  • Nabi keeps brushing Jaeeon off and Dohyeok steps in again.

  • Will she finally choose herself and leave the men behind?

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