He’s All That ending explained – do Pagett and Cameron end up together?

August 27, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film He’s All That, so will contain major spoilers.

The film begins with a woman (Pagett) waking up, instantly doing her makeup, then going live online and talking to her followers. She clearly is an influencer, answering questions and giving beauty advice. 

We then have a conversation between her and her mum in a small house, talking about her mum’s long shifts at the hospital and how they’re just affording the bills. Not exactly the perfect, glamorous life we’ve just seen being posted online. 

Then the film cuts to two siblings in a car driving to school; clearly more grunge and geeky, talking about the popular kids at school. 

Cut back to the influencer on a film set, going live, buzzing to take some treats, and meet Jordan, the popular star at school, who is Pagett’s boyfriend. She catches him cheating and breaks up with him; having a complete mental breakdown, live in front of all of her fans. Her friend filmed the entire thing.

Thinking everyone would hate Jordan, Pagett goes online and realizes that she is going viral for all the wrong reasons. A big snot bubble was coming out of her nose when she was crying, now she is known as ‘bubble girl’, and gets her sponsorship pulled. Her sponsor is the one and only Kourtney Kardashian. 

To get back at her ex and get her sponsorship back, Pagett and her friends come up with the plan/bet to create a new prom king. Taking a geeky, ugly-ish, guy and transforming him into a popular prom king.

Pagett chooses Cameron, the dark and mysterious photographer as her subject. Trying to convince him to help her, she tricks him into thinking he’s taking photos for the prom. She invades his personal hobby of looking after horses and invites him to a pool party where everyone has to sing karaoke. This is where Cameron seems to enjoy Pagett and her singing. 

Pagett’s ex and his new girlfriend turn up at the party and Pagett begins to break down whilst singing, but Cameron saves the day by joining in. I really wanted him to have a better singing voice. After admitting that he doesn’t want to go to college, and now he can’t sing, why do we like this guy? Then apparently he was in the Glee club, making him geekier? Pagett seems to like this, so I suppose this is pointing out that her online persona isn’t the real her.

They go viral and her sponsorship is looking good. Pagett then asks him for another horse riding lesson, then Cameron shows her where and why he likes to take photos in a working train station. They then share family stories and secrets. 

A classic dress-up montage in a vintage shop for an 18th 1920’s party. Then Pagett gets her makeover and completely transforms Cameron. Cutting his hair, putting him into a suit, and now it’s very obvious that Pagett fancies him. 

We’re now at the 1920’s themed party and Pagett’s ex Jordan confronts her, tries to hit on her, and she turns him down. He then hits on Camerons little sister, which causes a fight between Cameron and Jordan. Cameron can actually fight, humiliating Jordan. Cameron puts his camera next to the pool (smart), which gets thrown into the pool. Cameron is obviously devastated and questions why Pagett is talking to him and hanging around with him. 

Netflix’s He’s All That ending explained

Pagett is confronted by her friend, asking if she’s fallen for him, her friend clearly has an agenda; to get with Jordan and run for prom queen, against Pagett. Now it’s a fight for who is prom King and Queen. Cameron wants to run for prom king to get at Jordan. 

We then have a scene where Cameron shows Pagett his dark room (for his photography) and he takes off some of her makeup before they kiss, and Pagett leaves. 

Cameron makes a gesture and asks her out to prom when Olden interrupts and Pagett is forced to tell Cameron she made a bet to get a loser and turn them into prom king. Cameron is so furious, he swears, and storms off. 

Pagett has a heart-to-heart with her mum before heading to the prom by herself. But not before she has a heart-to-heart with Cameron’s sister, admitting her love for her brother and asking her to help get him to the prom. Feels a bit like emotional blackmail to get him there and not that he actually wanted to be there. 

Big dance scene at the prom, a sort of who-choreographed-the-best-dance off. Pagett gets up and plays a slide show of “real” photos of her, and breaks down her social media persona saying it is all fake and she’s pretending to be something she isn’t and gives up her crown. 

Cameron comes riding up on a horse to the prom, meeting Pagett outside on the field, where they embrace and dance. 

The film ends with a fun dance montage before cutting to Pagett and Cameron riding horses in Portugal live streaming. An ending where Pagett gets everything she wants.

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