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September 2, 2021 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Things aren’t going particularly well for the Titans. Hawk is dead. Jason remains elusive, working with Scarecrow and a new sword-wielding associate that the sixth episode revealed as Lady Vic, who has previous with both Dick and Barbara, who incidentally have previous with each other. It’s a complicated dynamic, and as we approach the back half of the third season, the dynamics are only going to get more complicated, and the stakes are only going to get higher. We have our fair share of predictions for Titans season 3, episode 7, speculatively titled “51 Percent”, although that’s yet to be confirmed, but first, let’s remind ourselves of where we are with the various ongoing storylines:

  • As mentioned, Dick and Barbara have their own personal history, as well as previous with Lady Vic.
  • Blackfire, despite having opened up a little to Conner, still seems like bad news to me.
  • Scarecrow’s plan is indeed to release his new drug amongst the people of Gotham, but only once it’s properly refined. Jason, still desperately trying to call the shots, argues that it should be released immediately, and by the end of the episode has done just that.
  •  Lady Vic fought Barbara to a standstill but got a scan of her face. What’s she planning to do with that?

Titans season 3, episode 7 release date

“51 Percent” — if that ends up being the title — is scheduled to release exclusively on HBO Max on September 9, 2021, at 3am EST.

Where to watch online

As mentioned above, Titans airs exclusively on HBO Max. Provided you have a subscription and the add-on, the service can also be accessed through platforms such as Xfinity, Hulu, Amazon PrimeSpectrumYouTubeTV, and DirecTV.

Predictions and potential spoilers

Where to even begin? There are lots of ripe dynamics at play here, and as we enter the back half of the season, things are presumably only going to get crazier and potentially even more dangerous for the team. Having already sidelined Rachel and Dove, killed off Hawk, and corrupted Jason, nobody seems safe. Let’s do some guessing.

  • Is Jason going to get a redemption arc? I think we’re heading in that direction, though I’m not sure how well it’ll take given what he has been up to this season. His being under Scarecrow’s influence, though, absolves him of responsibility somewhat. I think we can predict another showdown between him and Dick, though probably not in “51 Percent”, but ultimately I can see him helping to take Scarecrow down. But…
  • What will the short-term consequences of Jason handing out the serum be? One assumes chaos on the streets of Gotham, which will naturally complicate matters for Barbara and the GCPD, presumably forcing her to rely on the help of the Titans more than she’d like.
  • Will Barbara and Dick properly reconcile? Seems a safe bet. Also, don’t be surprised if we see Babs adopt the Oracle alter-ego on a more full-time basis, and if I were a betting man, I’d wager we’ll see her as Batgirl in flashback.
  • What do Lady Vic and Scarecrow have planned for Barbara? Difficult to tell at this stage, though she seems integral. Perhaps, since it got a namecheck this week, it pertains to Oracle’s access to and knowledge of Gotham and its citizens.
  • What is Blackfire up to? Her interactions with Conner presented her in a slightly sympathetic light, but everything we’ve heard about her thus far hasn’t been good. It’s hard to imagine she’s tied to Scarecrow et al in any way, but she might see what’s going on as an opportunity to seize some power for herself, leading to a showdown between her and Starfire.

You can stream Titans exclusively on HBO Max.

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