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September 3, 2021
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This article contains predictions that may be considered spoilers for the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4.

Somehow, this series still exists on the streaming service, and it is proving popular as well. The last episode brought new plot points and a new suspect in a completely new case for the second season. This is where we are so far:

  • Poppy is anxious about Alana Cave’s lawsuit, and she practices a line of questioning from her partner Ingram so she can be prepared for the deposition.
  • A new storyline is provided; a woman named Sherese raises that her daughter went missing a year ago. She knows Markus from school, so he and Shreves offer to help her.
  • Micah suspects Ramon is emotionally distracted and does not believe him when he claims he knows nothing about the death of her husband.
  • Noa finds out who Dru’s biological mother is — Leana Parker. Micah and Poppy speak to Leana; she claims Josh didn’t know she was pregnant at the time, and she put Dru up for adoption. She shows them a photo of Dru, who is in Ramon’s apartment.
  • Detective Aames is on Ramon’s case in episode 3 after Micah throws him under the bus.
  • Ramon exposes Micah on Instagram live, claiming she exploits people by using their vulnerabilities.
  • As episode 3 ends, Ramon is sneaking up behind Micah in her house.

Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4 release date/time

Episode 4 will be released on September 10, 2021. The usual time is 12 am PT. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can watch Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4 on Apple TV+ at the date and time mentioned above.

Episodes 4 predictions/spoilers

  • Expect the lawsuit against Poppy to take its toll in the next few episodes. Will it derail her latest podcast? It seems like her career is at risk.
  • We expect the storyline of Sherese and her missing daughter to develop in the next couple of episodes, but is it somehow linked to any of the main plots?
  • How long will Ramon be a suspect? It seems like a weak plotline, and we should expect more suspects as the season wears on.
  • Is Micah in danger? Episode 4 may start with exciting circumstances with Ramon sneaking around her house.

What do you think will happen in Truth Be Told season 2, episode 4? Comment below. 

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