Will Alicia Sierra join Professor’s gang in Money Heist season 5?

September 3, 2021
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This article, “Will Alicia Sierra join Professor’s gang in Money Heist season 5”, contains spoilers.

The most intriguing character dynamic in Money Heist season 5, volume 1, is the battle of minds between Professor and Alicia Sierra. In season 4, Sierra was ousted by the authorities, and in season 5, they fabricate evidence against her, claiming she is part of Professor’s plans.

However, she isn’t. In fact, she is determined to bring Professor and the heist down, even as a lone wolf. But nature gets in the way, as her water breaks while she has Professor, Benjamin and Marseille tied up. She has to give birth in Professor’s hideout, and because it was a slightly complicated birth, she has to free Professor and his team to help her push through.

The birth is successful, and she has a newborn baby girl. Immediately, Alicia Sierra softens, and she’s less concerned about Professor helping out his heist team in the bank and more concerned about the arrival of her baby. Which, is of course, normal. Priorities change immediately when you bring children into the world. It’s a strange new dynamic, with Professor assuming she’s part of the family and ensuring her needs are met as a mother. The Professor knows she has been ousted by the authorities and that if she’s found, she will be imprisoned. If anything, the timely arrival of her baby worked in Professor’s favor.

Will Alicia Sierra join Professor’s gang in Money Heist season 5the early verdict

Of course, we are only halfway through the final season after Netflix decided to split it into two parts. There were moments in the first five episodes where Alicia Sierra seemed to be relaxed in Professor’s company, but it’s easy to be fooled as she had just become a mother of a newborn baby. There’s a moment where Alicia Sierra heads to the bathroom and places a sharp tool up her sleeve, suggesting that she’s ready to attack the Professor and his team at the opportune moment. She also puts her glasses back on, implying she’s ready for action.

We don’t think she will join the gang. It would be way too fortunate for the Professor to convert two people who are part of the force — Lisbon was persuadable due to romance, but Alicia Sierra has zero attachments to Professor at all. With the big turning point at the end of episode 5 of season 5 and the Professor feeling vulnerable and emotional, expect Alicia to turn the screw.

What are your predictions for the rest of season 5? Comment below.

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