The Circle Season 3 – who are the contestants?

September 8, 2021
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Who are the contestants in The Circle Season 3?

Netflix’s most popular reality show, The Circle, is back for its much-anticipated third season. And things are as dramatic as ever throughout the first four episodes, with some new tweaks to the rules making the game of catfishing and social media oneupmanship a more engaging prospect than ever. We’ll have the details of who got blocked and eliminated in the first batch of episodes in a separate post, but as with every new season, it’s important to layout who the players are, and more importantly who they’re playing as. So, meet the contestants in The Circle Season 3:


A 30-year old private chef and trainee firefighter, Calvin is pretty convinced of his ability to charm ladies using eye contact and confidence, so he’s playing as himself. He’s also super competitive and determined to win the money by befriending all the guys, flirting with all the women, and manipulating whoever he needs to. And yet when he sets up his profile he’s adamant that being 100% honest will cause people to respect him for who he is. He seems like a nice guy, but I can’t say I’m confident in his success here.


Michelle is 52, and from Pacolet, South Carolina. She has the mind of a 20-year-old, though, by her own admission, so don’t worry about the age. Her plan is to play Southern Mom to everyone there, which seems a decent strategy. She’s also playing as herself, since she isn’t confident in her ability to be anyone else, which is one of the more honest things anyone on The Circle has ever said I think. Her profile picture is her and a couple of dogs, which is always a winner, and she just seems super nice in general.

Keisha, aka Crazy Kai

A so-called Southern Belle from Nashville, Tennessee, has a unique strategy for The Circle: CCCF, Compliments, Comedy, and Commonalities, with a sprinkle of Fantasy on top. Perhaps that isn’t particularly unique after all. Nevertheless, with her FBI father, Kai seems like she knows how to play the game of deception. She’s playing as herself but, as she says, “I can anyone you want me to be,” so that hardly means anything. At least she chooses a disarming profile picture with her “bun buns”. 


The first of The Circle’s Season 3 contestants to be catfishing, 29-year-old Matthew is a health and fitness consultant from Long Island who wants to add a naked man named Enrique to his apartment to cater to his every whim. He considers his library of ripped shirtless selfies to be a bit intimidating, so he’s catfishing as his best friend, Ashley. Finally! Matthew thinks Ashley will be more disarming and delicate than him, so he fits her up with a cutesy profile pic and an inclusive bio that isn’t too try-hard. You have to be careful with trying to make allies out of white women, after all. 


35-year-old Ruksana is from Union, New Jersey, and has a condition called achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. She’s short, basically, which is the extent to which she cares about it. She’s planning to be totally herself. She’s very family-oriented and just wants to show her daughter that she can do anything, which is a pretty noble goal by the standards of this show. She chooses a headshot as her profile picture as she’s keeping the reveal of her actual size as a mystery for later. 


Daniel is a 20-year-old student who likes “to be that b*tch”. The dude’s energy is off the charts in a way that is almost scientifically designed to annoy me. He’s hoping that looking young and dumb will be his secret weapon since he’s really willing to stoop as low as he needs to go in order to get what he wants. His family-oriented bio is designed to pull on people’s heartstrings. 


You wouldn’t think it to look at or listen to him, but 27-year-old Nick has a degree in computer science from MIT and works at a big tech company. Nick’s kind of half catfishing, which is interesting. He’s playing as himself, but de-emphasizing anything to do with computers or his brain, instead posing as a drummer just looking for a good time (he thinks highlighting how smart he is will make him be perceived as a threat.) He chooses a profile picture of him and his French bulldog Bruce at a baseball game.

Ava & Chanel

Now, this is interesting. Ava is 25 years old and she’s going into The Circle as herself, but she’s taking her 42-year-old sister, Chanel, with her. Ava is a singer-songwriter and “influencer” and Chanel manages all of that, which is funny because I’m not sure it tells us anything meaningful about either of them. They’re both playing as Ava, so Chanel is basically on-hand to use her age and wisdom to keep little sis on the straight and narrow. 

So, there you have it, folks, The Circle Season 3’s contestants. How long will they last? 

You can stream The Circle Season 3 right now, exclusively on Netflix.

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