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September 9, 2021 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Things are finally looking up for the Titans. After the latest episode scuppered Scarecrow’s plans and left him and Jason on the run, the gang was even willing to take a little breather and have a beer before their next move. That should come in Titans season 3, episode 8, titled “Home”, but before we speculate about that let’s give a quick rundown of the latest episode, “51%”.

  • In response to Jason going against orders to peddle Scarecrow’s unfinished anti-fear serum, crime in Gotham reached a fever pitch, but Scarecrow drugged him with a modified dose of the toxin and kept him a hostage for the remainder of the episode.
  • With Jason out of the way, Scarecrow negotiated with Gotham’s criminal elements on his behalf and gave them an enticing pitch. Everyone stood to make a lot of money from Gotham’s newly uninhibited populace, just so long as they could help to facilitate Scarecrow’s ambitious distribution plans.
  • The Titans tried to thwart those plans with a two-pronged attack. Starfire and Blackfire went after a mobster associate of Scarecrow’s named Knox, while Dick and Barbara used Oracle to help track Scarecrow down.
  • Starfire and Blackfire weren’t able to get anything meaningful from Knox since, in response to her brutally executing her own son, Starfire cooked her from the inside out before she could reveal any information. Luckily, this was a bonding moment for the sisters, and they were subsequently able to interrogate one of Knox’s goons, who revealed she had been shipping Scarecrow large amounts of freon.
  • With this information, Dick and the rest of the Titans were able to track down Scarecrow’s hideout, and a cool fight ensued, but Jason and Crane were able to escape.

Titans season 3, episode 8 release date

“Home” is scheduled to release exclusively on HBO Max on September 16, 2021, at 3am EST.

Where to watch online

As mentioned above, Titans airs exclusively on HBO Max. Provided you have a subscription and the add-on, the service can also be accessed through platforms such as Xfinity, Hulu, Amazon PrimeSpectrumYouTubeTV, and DirecTV.

Predictions and potential spoilers

For once, it’s nice to see the Titans on the front foot. But the battle is far from over, so here are some things that may or may not happen in next week’s episode:

  • We’re definitely getting the Red Hood redemption arc, aren’t we? Now he and Scarecrow are at loggerheads, and Gar is turning up in the middle of the night to enlist Molly’s help, it’s virtually guaranteed. I still don’t know how well it’ll work, but we’ll see.
  • Dick and Barbara have reconciled! But beyond their obvious sexual chemistry, what is this going to mean? How are both going to be able to crime-fight objectively? I can very much see a scenario in which Dick has to make a terrible decision just to save Barbara, but it probably won’t be in the next episode.
  • More Conner and Blackfire flirty banter? I’ll take it. Will anything happen between them? It remains anyone’s guess. The dynamic probably works better as a comedy pairing.
  • It’s probably a safe bet that Scarecrow will get increasingly irrational now that his well-thought-out plans have been hindered. You know how very smart people can get. The question is how expendable he considers Jason to be, and whether or not he will use the Titans’ lingering affection for their fallen comrade to manipulate them. At this point, it’s basically his only option.

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