Otis and Maeve kiss – what next for the lovebirds after Sex Education season 3?

September 17, 2021
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This article, “Otis and Maeve kiss — what next for the lovebirds after Sex Education season 3” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series.

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One of the most frustrating storylines in Sex Education is the blossoming romance between Otis and Maeve in season 3. At the end of season 2, audiences were dismayed as Isaac jeopardized Otis and Maeve’s chance to get together so he could shoot his shot.

What next for Otis and Maeve after Sex Education season 3 and that kiss? (Major spoiler)

Despite anger towards Isaac, he does the right thing in the end, and after he finally kisses Maeve, he lets her know that he deleted a voicemail on her phone from Otis. The voicemail was a confession from Otis — that he wants to make amends and that he loves her. Maeve is angry, but she forgives Isaac and even considers a relationship with him.

However, love prevails, and while Otis and Maeve are on a school trip, they finally have a conversation about that voicemail. Otis tells her what he said, including that he loves her and that she’s “his person.” After all the tension and frustration, Maeve and Otis kiss passionately. But it’s a confusing time for Maeve, who has placed herself in a love triangle.

Tensions between Otis and Isaac are immediate, which irritates Maeve and ruins the chances of a simple relationship initially. 

Maeve has a beautiful opportunity (major spoiler)

Eventually, Otis and Maeve reach an understanding. They want each other. However, looming around the corner is a beautiful opportunity for Maeve. She has been accepted for the Gifted and Talented program in the USA, and her mother (who is on the run for kidnapping her daughter Elsie from the foster mother) gives her money so she can pursue her dreams.

At the end of season 3, Maeve decides to take the opportunity, and she says goodbye to Otis. Despite romantic progress, the finale of season 3 leaves Otis and Maeve in limbo.

We can only assume that in season 4 that Otis and Maeve will attempt to sustain their connection over a long distance. But the writers are cruel to these two characters, so expect plenty of twists and turns.

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