Who is the father of Jean’s newborn baby in Sex Education season 3?

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 17, 2021 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Who is the father of Jeans newborn baby in Sex Education season 3 - netflix series

This article, “Who is the father of Jean’s newborn baby in Sex Education season 3” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series.

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In Sex Education season 3, Jean and Jakob are struggling with their relationship as they have had a series of bumps in the road. Jean did betray Jakob after all. Ironically, Jean is evasive in relationships when she gives sex advice to couples. Jean and Jakob broke up in season 2, but Jean is pregnant, and she thinks Jakob is the father.

So Jean reconnects with Jakob and tells him about her pregnancy which is well underway. Jakob decides to take responsibility and vows to help her parent the unborn child. The reconciled couple chooses to go to therapy together to heal wounds and find a way to be a family.

Comically, this means that Otis and Ola become step-siblings, and they all live together as a newly formed family.

Who is the father of Jean’s newborn baby in Sex Education season 3? (Major spoiler)

It’s easy to assume that Jakob is the father as the story certainly angles towards that. However, Jakob has trust issues, and he demands that Jean gets a paternity DNA test.

After complicated childbirth, Jean recovers from a near-death experience. She receives her paternity test, and she looks shocked. The season 3 finale does not provide further context, but we can only assume the DNA results are not what she desires. We can only assume Jakob is not the father.

This provides a complex story arc for season 4. How will Jakob react when he learns of the paternity test?

Also, who is the father? We can only assume that the father is either the ex-husband or someone Jean had casual sex with. We enjoy the chemistry between Jakob and Jean, but perhaps it’s not meant to be.

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