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September 21, 2021
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After splitting its focus throughout the opening triple-billY: The Last Man honed in on the Brown siblings during its latest episode, “Karen and Benji”. As it turns out, both have some pretty serious flaws. But the episode was one of those integral ones that flesh out the core cast and shuffle some essential pieces into place. It also gave us plenty of indicators of how Yorick and Hero deal with crises and how the post-Y world is beginning to take a new shape. So, before we speculate about Y: The Last Man season 1, episode 5, let’s take account of what we learned:

  • Yorick is largely useless. He’s a spoiled brat who doesn’t recognize his own importance even after spending a lifetime believing himself to be much more important than he actually is. However, thanks to a few close shaves and a verbal beatdown for the ages from 355, he’s beginning to realize how things work.
  • Some of the environments in “Karen and Benji”, such as the market, as the best examples yet of society beginning to move on in the wake of “The Event”.
  • Meanwhile, Hero shows some different shades to her character. She’s obviously a child of privilege like Yorick, but she also has a much more complicated relationship with their mother and is willing to sabotage both herself and her new allies, like Sam, in order to avoid reuniting with her.
  • Hero also displays classic signs of an abuser or at least a manipulator, but she seems to instinctively want to help people, as she does with Mackenzie and later Roxanne’s comrade.

Y: The Last Man season 1, episode 5 release date

“Mann Hunt” will premiere on September 27, 2021, at 12 am EST on FX on Hulu.

Where to watch online

Y: The Last Man is exclusive to FX on Hulu, and a subscription is required to watch it.

Predictions and potential spoilers

As ever, this is speculation based purely on what we’ve seen in the show with maybe a little bit of comics knowledge thrown in (and clearly marked as a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read it.) Without further ado:

  • It seems pretty obvious that the title “Mann Hunt” is a reference to Yorick and 355’s efforts to hook up with geneticist Dr. Allison Mann in Boston. As we predicted, getting there was no small matter, and a ravaged Boston seems likely to hold even more dangers than the road leading there did.
  • After a week off from all the political machinations, it’s likely that Jennifer will make a reappearance. Her rivalry with Kimberly and Regina seems divorced from Yorick’s quest for now, but both Yorick’s survival and Hero’s connection to the country’s President are both secrets that need to be kept and are likely to cause problems for everyone if they’re discovered.
  • Speaking of Hero, it isn’t just her connection to her mother but her reluctance to be reunited with her that might cause problems going forwards, especially with Sam.

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