Next Time On… New Amsterdam season 4, episode 2 – “We’re In This Together”

September 22, 2021 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Well, it’s back, and it feels like it never really went away. Admittedly, it hasn’t actually been that long since we last saw New Amsterdam, but a break of a few months is still a break, right? Nevertheless, the fourth season kicked off with “More Joy”, a premiere that felt like a new beginning even as it stayed, at least in large part, very much the same. But it also presented some interesting problems for New Amsterdam season 4, episode 2, and it’ll be interesting to see what emerges from them. Before we try and figure that out, here’s the lowdown of what happened in the premiere:

  • Max and Helen finally spent the night together, and one assumes the next several nights after that since a series of flashbacks detailed the romantic highs of their fling and the crushing lows once Helen realized that she absolutely must return to England and a long-distance relationship was never going to work given their busy schedules.
  • Lauren put her own relationship in jeopardy by making it clear to her new residents that one of them, Leyla, was her girlfriend, then blatantly playing favorites all throughout. Once Leyla pointed this out she was quick to berate her as she does everyone else, but the idea that Lauren will ever be able to treat her exactly the same as the others is pretty unlikely.
  • Despite deciding not to actually work directly with patients any longer, Iggy was forced to go face-to-face with an old patient who could provide the expertise that might help to solve a spate of arson attacks at New Amsterdam. After once again becoming much too close to the situation, he was able to bring the pyromaniac, Mary W., into New Amsterdam — though admittedly under someone else’s care.
  • Floyd had to make a decision about whether to carry on seeing Lyn or instead concentrate on working under her husband, Dr. Baptiste. His decision to have his cake and eat it, so to speak, is almost certain to cause him problems down the line.

New Amsterdam season 4, episode 2 release date

“We’re in This Together” is slated for release on 28 September 2021 and will air on NBC at 10 PM ET.

Where to watch online

As mentioned above, the episode will air on NBC, also accessible through NBC’s official website, Peacock and Hulu.

Predictions and potential spoilers

Here’s the official promo for “We’re In This Together”:

Based on that brief snippet and the title, we can make some reasonable assumptions:

  • Max and Helen are going public with their relationship, which presumably also comes with the news that Max is stepping down as medical director and leaving for England. Can he commit to that decision, though? You know what he’s like. One suspects that this is all going to be dragged out across several episodes.
  • Floyd clearly wants more from his relationship with Lyn. But is he asking too much? At the very least he’s jeopardizing his career. Dr. Baptiste may or may not be on board with the idea of an open relationship, but he’s likely to take issue with it being with his new star surgeon. This is inevitably all going to come out at some point.
  • The official synopsis suggests Iggy gets into a bit of a disagreement with his residents, which makes sense given his new hands-off role. He’s obviously going to find it difficult to adjust to not working with patients directly, and he’s likely to become frustrated with the residents not handling every situation the way he feels he might.
  • Lauren and Leyla still have to continue working together, and it’s unlikely to be smooth sailing.

Do you have any predictions for New Amsterdam season 4, episode 2? Let us know in the comments.

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