Confessions of an Invisible Girl ending explained

September 23, 2021
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The article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Confessions of an Invisible Girl, so it will contain major spoilers.

It’s not exactly the most impressive or revolutionary but for some, it might be. The film might make you have a long ponder about how some teenagers have the desire to fit in but for some of us, we might question — what does it even mean to fit in and why does this matter? We understand it has implications in terms of social capital but high school isn’t forever, so does it truly matter?

As her parents are unemployed and moved back to her grandparents’ home, Tête learns that they found a cheap apartment in Flamengo but it came with a cost — they can no longer afford the school she attends and would have to move. After moving schools twice, it’s obvious why Tête would be devastated and having to live that social outcast/new girl persona again.

Netflix film Confessions of an Invisible Girl ending explained

Now, this scene was super frustrating because it really reminds you of how horrible school bullies can be. At school, she was presenting her biology project and unknowingly played a video from Lais’ birthday party — Valentina was being disrespectful (as usual), constantly belittling other students, and trying to prove that other students were inferior to her. And of course, the video upset the students and Valentina blamed Tête, attacked her, and broke her glasses.

In the principal’s office, Tête emphasized that she didn’t record the video and it was mistakenly played. She was asked to bring her parents in the next day but knew that if her parents heard about this, they would want her to change schools immediately. In an aim to prove her innocence, Tête reviewed all the videos from the party to find out who recorded them.

The next day, Tête found out that Lais’ mother unintentionally recorded the video. However, instead, we learn that Lais deliberately planted it on Tête’s to embarrass Valentina. Later, Tête found out that Lais and Valentina had some history. Valentina and Lais went to kindergarten together and were bullied by Valentina for her weight and nose. Due to this, she suffered from depression, moved away for Lais’s mental health. Lais lost weight, got a nose job, and had more surgeries. After finding out about the video, she was determined to expose Valentina. But ultimately, Valentina realized her mistakes and apologized to both Tête and Lais for her previous actions.

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