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October 1, 2021
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There won’t be peace in the world of See any time soon, and that fact was made clear in the latest episode, “The Truth About Unicorns”. Now we know that for certain, it’s time to look to a war-torn future in See season 2, episode 7, “The Queen’s Speech”, but before that let’s take a quick look at how we got here:

  • Delegations from both Pennsa and Trivantes met at an abandoned airfield to negotiate peace. Discussions reached an impasse, but thanks to a backroom deal conducted by Harlan, the Trivantians agreed to terms that would see them (wrongly) apologize for the destruction of Kanzua on the proviso that Maghra usurped Queen Kane and disavowed the apology.
  • Before this decision could be reported back, Payan assassins sent by Queen Kane killed the Trivantian delegation, despite Baba Voss’s intervention.
  • Wren, having spent the night with Haniwa and seen Baba looming over the dead body of one of the ambassadors, assumes it was all a setup and that Haniwa was using her. She reports as much to Edo, telling him that Baba led the attack and that she was the lone survivor because she can see.
  • Back at Pennsa, Queen Kane further seduces Kofun and takes him to her bed, one assumes as both a way to isolate him from his family but also to take a second run at having a sighted baby.

See season 2, episode 7 release date

“The Queen’s Speech” is set to release on October 8, 2021, at 12 a.m. ET on Apple TV+.

Where to watch online

As stated above, See is available to watch exclusively on Apple TV+, which requires a subscription.

Predictions and potential spoilers

Well, we now know for certain that war is coming. What does that mean for everyone? Well, let’s take a few stabs at answering that question:

  • Now that Edo knows Wren is sighted, he has a valuable ally. Because of his already fractious relationship with the Triangle, he’s likely to keep this information to himself and have her help him wage his personal war.
  • Maghra knows about Queen Kane sabotaging the summit, but she doesn’t yet know about her taking her son to bed. This will likely remain a secret for a while, but when it’s discovered, Kofun will probably be pretty righteous about it. One suspects we’re building towards a make-or-break decision for him, either his family or the Queen, and I imagine he’ll choose the latter for the sake of drama.
  • Despite Lord Harlan’s rash actions at the summit, he still attempted to secure peace and was visibly annoyed when Kane went over his head. This means he remains an ally to Maghra, though Kerrigan’s death also means he’ll want revenge on the Trivantians. It’s hard to say how this will play out, but I hope Baba continues to insult him either way.
  • Toad’s responsibilities to Kofun and relationship with Paris are going somewhere — might it be him who discovers what’s happening with the Queen? Since Tamacti Jun wasn’t in “The Truth About Unicorns”, Toad is becoming our sole window into the Witchfinder perspective. If the coup against the queen is coming, it needs to come soon, but Toad’s loyalties are likely to rest with Kofun, who, as an ally of the Queen, will find himself in danger should the Witchfinders rebel.
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