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October 1, 2021
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This article contains predictions that may be classed as spoilers for Apple TV+ series The Morning Show season 2, episode 4.

The characters are beginning to show their ugly side again as the masks well and truly come off:

  • Daniel is in China reporting on the Covid-19 outbreak. There’s a lot of complacency in the USA as life is still normal.
  • Alex tells the team she wants Chip back as producer — Cory accepts her request, and Stella is unhappy about it.
  • Bradley’s frustrations continue in episode 4, but Cory reminds her who the boss is.
  • Fred manages to talk to Mitch in Italy — he wants them both to put on a united front, but Mitch is not interested.
  • Tensions remain between Alex and Bradley. They have lunch together, but they are still not happy with each other.
  • Alex is interviewed by Laura Peterson, an employee of UBA. Laura asks about her relationship with Mitch, which throws Alex off. She’s furious that she was asked that question.
  • Paola tells Mitch that he can still help people and asks him for help on her upcoming documentary on a rape conviction.
  • While covering an election in Iowa, Laura interviews Bradley. The pair hit it off very quickly, leading to them kissing in the back of a car. Laura tells Bradley that UBA is not using her right and that she’s bigger than The Morning Show.
  • As episode 3 ends, Alex finally returns to The Morning Show.

The Morning Show season 2, episode 4 release date/time

Episode 4 will be released on October 8, 2021. The usual time is 12 am PT. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can watch The Morning Show season 2, episode 4 on Apple TV+ at the date and time mentioned above.

Episodes 4 predictions/spoilers

  • Covid-19 is fast approaching — we expect it to edge closer with episode passing. How will UBA react to the pandemic?
  • Chip is back, but how will he react to his revived role? Will he be braver in his decision-making?
  • With Fred lurking around, will he entice Mitch in his plans to put on a united front? Mitch looks conflicted. He also has an opportunity to work with Paola on a documentary.
  • With Laura Peterson forming a romantic bond with Bradley, expect there to be fireworks. Bradley could be influenced by Laura, which will impact Alex.
  • Tensions will continue to rise as Alex officially returns to The Morning Show in episode 4.
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