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October 6, 2021 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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In the latest episode of New Amsterdam, love was in the air… sort of, anyway. There was certainly a focus on couples, not least Helen and Max, but despite the lovey-dovey opening it doesn’t exactly seem like romance is going to win the day. With Veronica Fuentes roaming the hospital being awful to everyone, and nobody else apparently able to cope with the prospect of not having Max as Medical Director or Helen as a confidante, the long-awaited Sharpwin pairing seems to be doomed before it has even gotten going. New Amsterdam season 4, episode 4, “Seed Money”, might well continue to take us in that direction, but let’s see where we are at the moment:

  • After spending their first night at Max’s cramped apartment, Helen and Max went their separate ways for the day, and the latter spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about how she didn’t exactly enjoy the experience.
  • Max, meanwhile, busied himself with befriending a young genius in Imani, whose revolutionary idea for turnip-based sutures led her into a conflict with Big Pharma.
  • Iggy continued to not be able to divorce his own personality from how his residents work; despite Gladys’s wisdom, this didn’t really go anywhere meaningful.
  • Floyd believed he recognized every single victim of a spate of gun attacks because of the regularity of such attacks in New York — this didn’t really go anywhere either, but every episode seems obligated to make a really heavy-handed sociopolitical point.
  • Lauren pushed Leyla to be more assertive, which backfired slightly when Leyla undermined her in the middle of the ED. More of that at home is probably a good thing, but at work? Ill-advised.
  • Helen decided that the best way to deal with how much she didn’t enjoy Max’s apartment was to move into it.
  • Veronica Fuentes was introduced as Max’s replacement, and she and Max have obvious history.

New Amsterdam season 4, episode 4 release date

“Seed Money” is slated for release on 12 October 2021 and will air on NBC at 10 PM ET.

Where to watch online

As mentioned above, the episode will air on NBC, also accessible through NBC’s official websitePeacock and Hulu.


As with every episode, we can basically guarantee that these ongoing storylines will continue to be developed in the next episode, in amongst whatever cases of the week get dreamed up to kill time. So, instead of trying to predict the specifics of the episode, let’s instead take a punt at how the actual arcs might shake out instead:

  • Fuentes and Max visibly hate each other, so you just know they’re going to disagree over absolutely everything. There’s virtually no chance that Max will leave New Amsterdam in the care of such an obvious tyrant, so Fuentes will either a) reveal some hidden depths and contours or b) he’ll decide he needs to remain behind. I’m voting for the second option.
  • What will that mean for him and Helen? I don’t buy this drama at all, and I don’t think the show can work without either of them, least of all Max, so the outcome of Sharpwin seems destined to be one or two options: They either split up and Helen goes to London, or they both decide to remain in New York and stay together. Flip a coin.
  • I feel good about Lauren and Leyla. Lauren’s whole arc has been her lack of trust in people and her tendency to give in to her own worst impulses and ill-advised relationships. Leyla is good for her, but it’ll take some getting used to for them both. They’ll bicker, obstacles will be put in their way, but I reckon they’ll tough it out.
  • Floyd and Lyn are falling deeper and deeper for each other — you’ll notice she decided to spend the night with Floyd this week, even though it wasn’t “his night” — so I strongly reckon we’re heading towards the dissolution of her marriage. And maybe Floyd’s career with it?

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