The Manor ending explained – can Judith solve the mystery before time runs out?

October 8, 2021
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Amazon Prime, Ending Explained

This article discusses the ending of the Amazon Prime film The Manor, so will contain major spoilers.

After suffering a small stroke, Judith (Barbara Hershey) moves into a residential care home, where she struggles to settle in, and a series of bizarre happenings further discourage her from integrating with the way of life there. With things not adding up, Judith attempts to uncover what’s really going on, but at what cost to herself?

All throughout The Manor, Judith is like a caged bird. She wants to be free to live life whilst she still has her independence, but the overly-controlling staff makes that impossible for her. They confiscate all medications, take away her phone, and will not allow her to be outside of the house by herself at any point. All of this begs the question: why?

As the days and weeks pass, Judith becomes more at odds with her new environment, until one night her roommate drops dead, but not before she has slipped her a note that contains a list of names — names of the most recent residents to have died, and who’s next. What really pushes Judith over the edge, however, is seeing her name at the end of the list.

She does a little digging and finds out that the three people she has come close to making friends with are all related to members of staff, and they are about the only people in the whole home who are having anything that resembles a good time. Of course, none of this goes any way towards explaining the death list, and that really is the most pressing issue.

Cut to Judith’s grandson Josh (Nicholas Alexander) and the discovery that he makes on the wall of a nearby diner — a photo of Judith’s friends from The Manor, taken back in 1986, but where they all look exactly the same as they do today. Suddenly, things are looking a bit clearer. Josh heads over to visit his grandmother so that he can share his findings with her, which is that the three musketeers are feeding off of the other residents at the home in order to fuel their own anti-aging.

Together, they decide to confront the group down at the Tree Of Life, where they make their sacrifices and perform their rituals. Judith’s time is almost up and would’ve been too had she not had swapped out her hair for that of her friend Roland’s (Bruce Davison), which was to be the offering made so that she would be sacrificed. With the tables turned, Roland is taken, and Judith threatens to burn the tree down, but when the other two women proposition her to join the coven, in a surprise twist, Judith agrees to join, along with Josh, so that the two of them can be together forever.

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