Little Big Mouth ending explained – acceptance and compromise

October 24, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Little Big Mouth, and it will contain spoilers.

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With so many heavy drama and thrilling action films that are coming out on Netflix this month, Little Big Mouth offers us a light, warm romantic love story with good humor to crackle our heart.

So after Siya encounters the woman he has a crush on during the disaster wedding that marks his status as a refugee with no home nor a band to play his music, everything starts to change. Their relationship starts off as a friendship but everything gets complicated Luke and Frank, her son and father. On top of that, Mel’s ex-husband is one of the hindrances out there.

Netflix film Little Big Mouth ending explained

In the end, to make a relationship work – in all kinds of ways – it needs acceptance and compromise. After Siya and Mel decide to clear up the misunderstanding and confront their feelings, the two of them start to date each other more openly while Luke and Frank are still trying to bring the two lovebirds apart. We witness how Siya and Mel always try to bring up the best of each other. One of the reasons why they’re drawn to each other is that they find each other at their lowest point: Siya got kicked out from his band and roommates and Mel with her traumatic past-love experience. But a mother will always be a mother, after Luke’s fire incident. We just need someone to blame over our guilt, right? So, after pushing Siya further and asking him to leave the house, everything has slowly returned to how it used to be.

Little Big Mouth uses a break and separation to underline the importance of one’s existence in our life. After Siya goes out of the house, Luke begins to notice that his mother is unhappy and his father or Mel’s ex-husband is still trying to push. He does not wait to listen to come with a decision and put all the blame on Siya when he is also responsible to take care of his children in the first place. On the other side, as Siya’s love begins to crumble down, so does his dream to become a rockstar. This explains why he chose to come back home to his mother since we all need a place to find comfort and acceptance. This series of angst finally leads to the climax of their love story, a longing, and realization. Mel, luke — even Frank — go to chase after Siya who is in the middle of his train departure. At first, they separate ways. But sometimes in love, all you need is a little courage to go for it. And that’s what Siya does. He comes back to the place he’s been longing to call home. Frank finally accepts and compromises his existence despite all the stigma that he used against him in the past. Also, a huge appreciation for the music that brings harmony to this small family.

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