Army of Thieves ending explained – will Dieter break into all three safes?

October 29, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Army of Thieves and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut Film Critic, M.N. Miller, said Army of Thieves has a “…winning performance from Matthias Schweighöfer.” 

Army of Thieves stars Schweighöfer, reprising his role as the great safecracker Ludwig Dieter before he was the great Ludwjmig Dieter. He is a 110% delightful, anxious, and endearing dork. He puts his knowledge and passion on YouTube, not that anyone asked, so the world knows about it.

This leads him to a job by the lovely, modern-day Lara Croft type, Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel). Vivacious, beautiful, intelligent, and full of spunk, she is too good for him. But we live in a post-Big Bang Theory world, and she starts to become the smitten-kitten around him. This is all after she promises thrills of a lifetime — she asks for his assistance to crack the most impossible safes across the old continent so he can go down in history.

Netflix film Army of Thieves ending explained

So, Dieter and Gwendoline manage to pull off the greatest safecracking heist in human history. They managed to avoid being robbed by their former teammates Rolph (Guz Khan), and her ex-boyfriend, Brad Cage (Stuart Martin). They handcuff them to the truck, and Interpol arrives to take them away.

In the meantime, “Gweter” both arrive at the escape plan where a boat is waiting for them. However, Korina (Ruby O. Fee) was caught by Europe’s elite police force and sold out their location to strike a better deal for her brother. The agent on their tale, Delacroix (Jonathan Cohen), shows up like Johnny Depp to hold them at gunpoint in the nick of time. The better half of Gweter with the extra X-chromosome strikes a deal— let Dieter go and take her in since she is the one he wants anyway and had nothing to do with shooting him years prior.

Dieter, showing even less manhood than before, leaves the love of his life to be arrested and race the boat off in the cold European water. He finds a passport and plane tickets for both of them. He now knows she didn’t mean what she said about finding him but truly cared for him. The final scene shows Scott (Dave Bautista) and Maria (Ana de la Reguera) showing up at “Gwendoline’s Safe-Cracking Co.,” owned and operated by Dieter.

And we all know what happens next…

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