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November 10, 2021 (Last updated: January 12, 2023)
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This article is a preview of the Hulu miniseries Dopesick episode 8, the finale. 

As this series has progressed, the haunting nature of the preventable opioid epidemic is startling. Here is where we are up to in the story:

  • In 1972, the Sackler family had to attend a congressional hearing about the nature of the drugs they were selling in the market and the ethics of their marketing. It appears that Purdue Pharma had a history of unethical advertising.
  • Betsy is found by her mother in the homeless part of the community. They attend a town meeting, and the impact OxyContin has had on the community is evident.
  • Samuel attends therapy, and he’s making emotional progress. He has regrets for prescribing OxyContin to his patients. He also finds a new medicine to help with his addiction, but he’s struggling to get his medical licence back as the board will not reinstate it if he’s on a narcotic. The medicine he is using is technically a narcotic, even though it help for preventative use.
  • Richard Sackler learns from the FDA that they want to put a “Black Box Warning” on OxyContin, which causes concern in the company. He works with an ex-FDA employee to think of a new wording.
  • Billy is irritated at work and does not want to sell OxyContin. This comes at a time when Amber admits having feelings for him. He steals training material as evidence of fraudulent sales and marketing tactics.
  • Rick and Randy make progress in their investigations and prove that Purdue Pharma has lied to congress and committed fraud. This will help form an indictment.
  • It’s confirmed that OxyContin comes with the “Black Box Warning” label. However, the wording helps in their favor. This is somehow made into a win for Richard Sackler, and the company expects to triple sales.
  • Bridget presents data on overdose statistics to the FDA and Purdue Pharma that shows their highly addictive drug overwhelmingly leads to death to the non-abusers. However, due to withholding the report until the meeting and a sense that professionals on either side of the room do not like her, it goes down like a popped balloon. Bridget is also struggling with her marriage.
  • As episode 8 ends, Betsy tragically dies of an overdose.

Dopesick episode 8 – the finale release date

Episode 8 will be released on November 17, 2021. The usual time is 12 am (PT).

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can watch Dopesick episode 8 on Hulu at the date and time mentioned above. Viewers can subscribe to the streaming service and watch all released episodes of Dopesick.

Episode 8 finale predictions/questions

  • How will Samuel deal with the death of Betsy after trying to help her? As we saw at the beginning of the series, he will have a sense of fight in him to bring the Pharma company down in court.
  • We expect Bridget to have her victory eventually — she’s a fighter.
  • We will see more horror at the hands of Purdue Pharma, but also, the indictment against them will surely bring some compelling courtroom drama.
  • Billy will become a whistleblower, but this will cause Amber to break up with him.
  • Will Purdue Pharma finally get what they deserve?

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