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November 12, 2021 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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This article is a preview for Apple TV+ K-Drama series Dr. Brain season 1, episode 3.

After the pilot episode, the second chapter of Dr. Brain continued pacing with this intriguing story. So far, this series is certainly a wise commission for Apple TV+ to enter the K-Drama world. Here’s where we are up to with the story:

  • Se-won brain syncs with his wife (who is in a coma) and experiences distorted and aggressive memories. He concludes that doing the brain sync on living humans is way too dangerous.
  • Lieutenant Jiun Choi continues investigating Se-won believing he is a murder suspect. She believes Se-won killed Junki Lim for having an affair with his wife. Se-won denies her theory.
  • Se-won attempts to team up with Private Investigator Kang-mu Lee (who is also suspicious of him). They head to Junki Lim’s house, and due to the brain sync he did on the murdered victim in episode 1, Se-won sees memories of the murder by an unknown man.
  • Lieutenant Jiun Choi learns that Se-won did a brain sync on Se-won.
  • In another memory, Se-won sees Junki Lim’s daughter tell his wife that Doyoon is alive, and she takes the young girl’s claims seriously.
  • Lieutenant Jiun Choi and Se-won find Doyoon’s dead cat Mika that was hit by a car (likely to be intentional). Se-won decides to brain sync with the dead cat to get more answers. He sees the cat’s memories and a vague perspective of Junki Lim’s murder.
  • Three members of Junki Lim’s family have disappeared.
  • Se-won believes he’s picked up the traits of the cat.
  • The end of episode 3 brings a brilliant twist. After dissecting the cat’s memories, Se-won rings Lieutenant Jiun Choi and asks her to run a licence plate of a car he believes was near Junki Lim’s house the night he was murdered. When Lieutenant Jiun Choi runs the licence plate, she learns the car belongs to Private Investigator Kang-mu Lee. But that’s not all. She tells Se-won that Kang-mu died a few days before Junki Lim’s murder. Has Se-won been working with a hallucination/memory?

Dr. Brain season 1, episode 3 release date/time

Episode 3 will be released on November 19th (USA — 20th for South Korea), 2021. The usual time is 12 am (PT), but sometimes this varies. We do not anticipate any changes to the schedule yet (sometimes this happens in the K-Drama world).


Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can watch Dr. Brain season 1, episode 3 on Apple TV+ at the date and time mentioned above. Viewers can subscribe to the streaming service and watch all released episodes of Dr. Brain. 

Episode 3 predictions/questions

  • Who will Se-won brain sync with next? It’s likely he will stop for a brief while due to all the side effects.
  • Is Private Investigator Kang-mu Lee a hallucination for Se-won? The ending of episode 2 seems to suggest so.
  • We expect Lieutenant Jiun Choi to be even more suspicious of Se-won, but a specific moment will bring her on his side.
  • Was Se-won’s wife having an affair with Junki Lim? That’s how the story is angling the situation.
  • What other traits will Se-won pick up? Will he be able to climb buildings like a cat?
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