Dr. Brain season 1, episode 2 recap – Se-won brain syncs with… a cat?

November 12, 2021
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With the plot ignited, we have an intriguing story on our hands.

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With the plot ignited, we have an intriguing story on our hands.

This recap of Apple TV+ K-Drama series Dr. Brain season 1, episode 2, contains spoilers.

Read the recap of the first episode.

I believed the first episode of Dr. Brain passed the acid test, but the second chapter is by far an improvement of this sci-fi thriller with horror tendencies. With the plot ignited, we have an intriguing story on our hands.

Dr. Brain season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens with Jaeyi Jung waking up Se-won. He asks her where their son Doyoon is. She tells him to find him but then lifts the bed covers, and there he is — their son, playing ‘hide and seek.’ This is clearly a happier time, but there’s something strange about Jaeyi’s mood. Suddenly, their son leaves their house, and Se-won panics. Jaeyi Jung gets increasingly emotional, telling her husband it’s “best that way.” Se-won is experiencing distorted reality due to brain synchronizations as he is suddenly faced with his wife in a pool of blood. His wife ages quickly, and she tells Se-won to find their son.

Se-won then wakes up and takes off the brain equipment; his wife had an adverse reaction to the experiment and went into a seizure. Se-won believes he witnessed his wife’s dreams; he feels brain syncs with the living is too dangerous and suspends his project. He vows to find Doyoon another way. I found it slightly amusing that he considers the experiments dangerous when the last episode, he nearly died while syncing up with the dead—a slight irony in the story.

Lieutenant Jiun Choi and her colleague interview Se-won again, and she wants to know why his wife attempted suicide and why a man close to her was murdered. She suggests that Se-won found his wife cheating, so he is exerting revenge. To dismiss her theory, Se-won shows her his wife in the basement, attached to medical equipment. The wife is getting state-of-the-art care with a round-the-clock nurse. Lieutenant Jiun Choi tells him that he is not off the hook over the murder of Junki Lim.

Due to his hallucinations, Se-won figures out that Junki Lim came to his house with his daughter Heejin. In previous hallucinations, this young girl claims that Doyoon is alive. Se-won meets Private Investigator Kang-mu Lee — he claims Junki Lim believed Se-won was going to kill his wife. Se-won clarifies that he had no idea who Junki Lim was until recently; he wants to know the story between this man and his wife. The investigator states they met at a special children’s clinic, which stuns Se-won — he told his wife not to go there. The investigator and Se-won head to Junki Lim’s house — he hallucinates and sees a man stab him with a knife. This is how Junki Lim died. Kang-mu is skeptical about Se-won’s brain methods and how he recalls the memories.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Jiun Choi and her colleague meet a professional at the morgue to look into how Junki Lim was killed; it was a skillful murder, but they also see a drilled hole at the top of his head. This was created by Se-won and his colleague to try out brain synchronization. This doesn’t put Se-won in a good light for Lieutenant Jiun Choi.

With Se-won continuing to experience memories, there’s a flashback of Jaeyi Jung telling Heejin that she can keep the cat because Doyoon went to heaven. Jaeyi Jung becomes irrational when Heejin suggests that Doyoon is alive. Junki Lim claimed his daughter has a highly reactive imagination, but that does not seem to resonate with her. The Private Investigator takes their findings outside, and they find a dead animal — it’s Mika, Doyoon’s cat. Se-won knows the cat has been hit by a vehicle recently as its body is warm, so alarmingly, he wants to brain sync with the animal.

Se-won syncs up with the dead cat and explores its memories. He sees the murder of Junki Lim (there were two unknown men involved). When Se-won wakes up, he feels the side effects, and Namil Hong finds him on the lab floor the next day. Se-won gets up and asks a shocked Namil Hong to put the cat in the freezer.

Se-won learns that three members of a family have gone missing in the local area. This is the same family of Junki Lim. There’s a conspiracy that is connecting recent events. As he walks away from the police and reporters, he catches a baseball with ease from some children nearby, and the cat’s perspective continues to flash in his mind. He also feels he has picked up the cat’s traits, just like he did when he experimented on Junki Lim.

The ending

Se-won rings Lieutenant Jiun Choi and asks her to run a license plate. He believes he has the memory of the vehicle from the night Junki Lim was murdered. He claims he can help her find Heejin. Lieutenant Jiun Choi is perplexed by this instruction, as she heavily suspects Se-won as the murderer.

When Lieutenant Jiun Choi searches for the license plate, she’s surprised. She rings Se-won — the owner of the car is Kangmu Lee, the Private Investigator. She tells him that he died a few days ago, before Junki Lim. This is a brilliant twist; Se-won has been speaking to someone based on memories and his imagination. As the episode ends, Se-won sees the front of house door handle move — he asks who it is, and the response is — “Kang-mu Lee.”

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