Red Notice ending explained – will John and Nolan find the Bishop?

November 12, 2021 (Last updated: November 30, 2021)
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Red Notice and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic, M.N. Miller, said Red Notice “is a mildly enjoyable action diversion.” 

Things during Red Notice go sideways pretty quick. There’s no trust. FBI profiler John Hartley’s (Dwayne Johnson) partner, Interpol Inspector Das (The Umbrella Academy‘s Ritu Arya), accuses (accuses The Rock, you say?!) of stealing one of Cleopatra’s priceless golden bejeweled Eggs. Hartley suspects it was The Bishop (Gal Gadot), and the only person who can help him catch him is the world’s most talented art thief — Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds).

They go to jail and escape. They have cornered the escape. They fall off a waterfall and are stuck underwater, but they manage to escape. The one time Das actually got close enough to hand Hartley the cuffs, he told her he is a good guy who does bad things. He puts his fellow FBI as interior peers in danger to catch The Bishop. Is that what Hartley meant? Is he the “Popeye” Doyle of Red Notice?

Netflix film Red Notice ending explained

Well, no. Johnson is more Lawrence Jamieson and Reynolds is Freddy Benson. It’s the plot from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, you all! After Hartley, Booth, and the Bishop take a header out of a mine shaft in Hitler’s dictator convertible through a waterfall and into the lake below, there is a twist. Reynolds, instead of worrying about himself, looks for Hartley, thinking he may be drowning. He is touched by this but not as pleased as seeing the Bishop crawl out of the water like Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Instead of arresting her, he kisses her. That’s right! Hartley and Bishop are together, and this was the long con.

They tie Reynolds to a tree, and he is gobbled up by Daz and the rest of her incompetent Interpol staff. Though, he leads them to where Cleopatra’s eggs are being given in the evening — to a Gen-Z East Indian princess by a doting father who quickly abandons them for a spunky Ed Sheeran who was hired to serenade her. As Interpol crashes the wedding, arresting the fathers, the bride, and a pissed-off crooner, Bishop and Hartley escape.

Except Booth has been hiding in their yacht since the night before. And he overheard a night of their athletic lovemaking, he proudly tells them. He let them know that he tipped off interior which has emptied their grand cayman bank accounts where their profits from the Cleopatra sale went, and they are now even. He informs them there is a score that’s a three-person job, and it’s worth so much more money and is so much more challenging than anything any of them has ever attempted. If they don’t leave now, Das will be there at any moment.

Hartley smells what Booth is cooking and is about to perform a Rock Bottom, but Bishop stops him.

She asks whether you trust me. (I don’t know about him, but I do). He says yes. Do you love me? (I yelled I do before Hartley could respond). I do, he replies (whatever). They turn to the Booth and say, “What are they stealing?”

That woman can make any man do anything.

So, in the last scene, they travel to Paris, France, and all three are standing in front of the Louvre setting up a sequel for Netflix.

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