Next Time On… Yellowstone season 4, episode 4 – “Winning Or Learning”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 15, 2021
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Next Time On... Yellowstone season 4, episode 4 - "Winning Or Learning"

Yellowstone isn’t pulling any punches in its latest season. After the two-part premiere detailed the attack on the Dutton family and its immediate aftermath, this week’s outing, “All I See Is You”, continued to progress that storyline while also dealing with the repercussions the attack had on the Dutton family on a more personal level. With a little progress having been made in John’s personal investigation, Yellowstone season 4, episode 4, titled “Winning Or Learning”, is likely to hone in more closely on who’s responsible while the after-effects continue to be felt. In summary:

  • Thanks to Rainwater and Mo swiping a mouthy patron named Checkers from their casino, they were able to learn that the hit on the Duttons was ordered by a man in Deer Lodge State Prison.
  • John took “his trash” off Mo’s hands and eventually killed him in a fair duel Old West-style.
  • Kayce used the authority of the Livestock Commissioner’s office to settle a land dispute by locking a wealthy L.A. money man breeding llamas for a tax break in his own cattle guard.
  • Jimmy was shipped off, against his will, to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas, much to the displeasure of himself, Lloyd, and Mia.
  • Beth’s attempts at bonding with Carter backfired when she, against Rip’s advice, tried to spoil him and he took things too far.
  • Monica and Tate were revealed to be deeply traumatized after the latter shot one of their assailants in the premiere.

Yellowstone season 4, episode 4 release date

“Winning Or Learning” will air on November 21, 2021, at 8 pm ET on Paramount Network.

How to watch Yellowstone online

As stated above, new episodes of Yellowstone air on the Paramount Network, and are also available to watch online on Paramount’s official website or the Paramount Network app.

Predictions for “Winning Or Learning”

This season has already been a lot, to put things mildly, so we can expect plenty more drama to come in the near future. With the developments in the latest episode, we can make some speculations based on what we already know, some of which might even turn out to be right!

  • Now that John has a face and a name for the man who organized the hit on his family, he’s doubtlessly going to pursue the lead. But where will it lead him? More to the point, who is he going to ask? He’ll definitely have to pull a few strings to find out more information, either by using Kayce’s livestock connections or going higher up the food chain.
  • We had to wait a while to check in on Monica and Tate, but since they both seem to be in a bad way, Kayce is going to have his work cut out keeping his family together. When they argued, Kayce blamed Monica for Tate being scared, and Monica said she hated Kayce. I don’t see this marriage working out long-term, and I think the question becomes whether Tate wants to be with his mother or embrace the Dutton lineage (which would pay off a lot of the lessons he learned under John last season.)
  • I don’t believe Jimmy has been written out of the show, so I imagine we’ll follow him along his journey to Texas, which will presumably include a few stops along the road. Travis and his guys are absolutely awful, so hopefully, Jimmy can prove a point to them and get them off his back.
  • Rip is going to take Carter under his wing and try to find the man who’s hiding in him somewhere. We can easily imagine what that’ll look like, but it’ll be interesting to see how Beth responds to this. She took Carter’s actions in the store very personally and is still convinced that her inability to conceive children is going to drive Rip away, so we’ll see whether or not his relationship with Carter drives a wedge between them.
  • We didn’t hear anything from Jamie or his birth father in “All I See Is You”, so I think it’s a safe bet that we’ll get an update on what the pair of them are doing on their new ranch.

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