Hellbound season 1 – who is Jun Jinsun?

November 19, 2021
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This article discusses the character Jun Jinsun from the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1 and will contain spoilers. 

With the monsters running havoc in this world, season 1 has a character who puts a theory behind these events, and why it’s happening. Hellbound is an interesting story as it mixes many well-matched themes, and each character represents something different.

Who is the character Jun Jinsun in the Netflix K-Drama series Hellbound season 1?

Jun Jinsun is the reason for the beliefs around the monsters. Creating a church called “The New Truth”, Chairman Jun Jinsun has told the world that the monsters are angels, sent to earth to bound sinners to hell. He tells everyone that this is God’s work, and wants them all to be righteous.

To be fair, there’s little reason to argue with Jun Jinsun’s religious preaching. The monsters give people a prophecy and appear at the deadline. But he comes across as an elusive character, who has managed to gather many followers. Due to the provocative nature of what he claims, the public responds with venom and shame sinners. It becomes an invasion of privacy and faith over reason.

Also, Jun Jinsun’s forming of “The New Truth” has created an extreme activism organization called Arrowhead, which abuses those publically on live streams on those they believe that have sinned.

But there is an irony. Jun Jinsun was served a decree 20 years ago. His prophecy told him that he’ll be visited in 20 years and he will be bound to Hell. And that’s exactly what happens. In episode 3, the monsters come and shred him apart in front of Kyunghun.

While Jun Jinsun dies, he is the integral character to Hellbound season 1. He’s the reason for the added chaos on top of the supernatural phenomenon. Without him, the optics of the situation wouldn’t be in place.

You could argue that Jun Jinsun is a villain. By the time the series reaches episode 2, he’s caused a lot of violence, putting the police, Kyunghun and Min Hyejin at risk.

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