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November 19, 2021
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The latest episode of Invasion felt like most of the previous episodes of Invasion — a slow-paced character drama that hints at much bigger, more interesting things but never quite bothers to show them to us. And this, coming on the back of last week’s effectively tense standalone chapter that also featured some actual aliens! After “Hope”, that outing feels like the exception rather than the rule. I can’t say I’m holding out too much hope for Invasion season 1, episode 8, titled “Contact”, but let’s run down where we’re at all the same.

  • Aneesha, Ahmed, and the kids travelled to a reasonably secure university where Aneesha was reunited with Dr. Barton. This is after she had to perform life-saving surgery on Ahmed to reinflate one of his lungs, so Invasion is really leaning into her being a doctor at this point.
  • Trevante roamed the deserts of Afghanistan, met up with a local family, and travelled with them to Kabul airport, where he was eventually able to secure passage on the last place by trading his weapon.
  • Casper and friends learned about the invasion from a traumatized woman who agreed to give them all a lift back to London to track down their families. There, they went their separate ways, and Monty even apologized for his behavior, giving Casper an overdue fist bump.
  • We caught a very brief sight of another alien in London, but none of the characters interacted with it.
  • Mitsuki managed to isolate the Hoshi’s distress beacon and tried to isolate its source with a radio telescope, but was unable to do so before she was taken away by the military.

Invasion season 1, episode 8 release date

“Contact” is slated to air on November 26, 2021, at 12 a.m. ET, exclusively on Apple TV+

Where to watch Invasion online

As mentioned above, Invasion is exclusive to Apple TV+. The streaming platform is available with a subscription costing $4.99 per month. New subscribers get a 7-day free trial.

“Contact” predictions

After an episode largely spent maneuvering specific pieces into place, it’s obvious that Invasion has a drawn-out plan for all of its characters. Whether or not that plan will actually be interesting, however, remains to be seen. Still, we can speculate, so here are some things we think might happen in Invasion episode 8:

  • Trevante will get where he’s going. The problem, though, is that he doesn’t have much say in where that is — he jumped on the only available plane, and I don’t recall there being any discussion about where it’s actually going. Will it be the U.S.? Unlikely, and if that’s the case, how does he intend to actually get back to the U.S.? He doesn’t have his gun to trade anymore, and being American Special Forces doesn’t do you too many favors in certain parts of the world.
  • We’re presumably building towards a love triangle between Aneesha, Barton, and Ahmed. This is profoundly uninteresting to me, since nobody likes Ahmed and he has already basically destroyed their marriage anyway, but the whole debacle is obviously having an impact on the kids, especially Luke, so I imagine he’ll be driven to make some stupid decisions to try and keep his parents together.
  • Casper and the rest of the kids are really unlikely to just find their parents and get on with their lives. We still need to figure out how Casper’s epilepsy relates to the invasion, and one assumes he’s going to be an integral character — this is an outside-the-box guess, but maybe we’ll see that the aliens don’t attack him, or can directly communicate with him, or something along those lines?
  • I strongly suspect we’ll waste a lot of time on Mitsuki trying to convince the military of what she’s up to only for them to eventually realize her usefulness and allow her to continue her research. It’s a time-killing plot waiting to happen.

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