Dr. Brain season 1, episode 3 recap – what did Heejin draw?

November 19, 2021
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This is the best chapter so far as Se-won continues to go down a rabbit hole of secrets.

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This is the best chapter so far as Se-won continues to go down a rabbit hole of secrets.

This recap of Apple TV+ K-Drama series Dr. Brain season 1, episode 3, contains spoilers.

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It’s evident by now that this series is going to get crazier as it reaches its conclusion. But how crazy? Who knows. The scope keeps widening. This is the best chapter so far as Se-won continues to go down a rabbit hole of secrets.

Dr. Brain season 1, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 opens with Se-won spooked; Kang-mu Lee is at his front house door, despite being told that this Private Investigator is dead. He talks to this hallucination and raises how he is a possible suspect. Kang-mu Lee laughs at him, but also at the possibility that he’s dead. Se-won raises a theory that Kang-mu Lee is part of Junki Lim’s memories. But then, Se-won learns he met Kang-mu Lee before Junki Lim. There’s so many twists and turns in this story so far. It’s wonderful.

Se-won heads to the morgue to check out Kang-mu Lee’s body. It’s confirmed — Private Investigator Kang-mu is dead. Se-won synced with him first, not Junki Lim. His entire memory and subconscious are embedded in his brain. It dawns on Kang-mu Lee that he’s dead, and essentially, a ghost.

Se-won rings Namil Hong and asks him where he got the corpse from for their first brain sync; he needs to find out what happened to Kang-mu Lee. Se-won revisits where Kang-mu Lee died in the forest. Flashes of memories return; Kang-mu Lee was tailed that night, and he accidentally drove his car off the road. When he got back on the road, the car that was following him hit him off the road; Kang-mu Lee was murdered. Before he died, two men ask him why he wants information on Jaeyi Jung before killing him.

While investigating further, the two men that killed Kang-mu Lee find Se-won and try and threaten him quietly in a mall. Se-won runs away, but he’s soon cornered. One of the men attacks him with a knife, but Se-won is surprised that he is an expert in mixed martial arts, and he manages to disarm both men. Lieutenant Jiun Choi turns up and joins the fight. She ends up shooting one of the men. Se-won tries reviving the wounded man so he can ask him where his son Doyoon is, but his efforts do not work. There’s another casualty in this twisty series.

And as we progress towards the final act, Se-won has a lot of convincing to do that he is not a murderer. Se-won argues with the Lieutenant and asks if he can do a brain sync on the dead man immediately. He insists these men killed Kang-mu Lee. Lieutenant Jiun Choi links Se-won to a lie detector test to see if he’s telling the truth. Due to having memories embedded, the polygraph doesn’t work in his favor. He tells Jiun Choi that the polygraph doesn’t mean anything as his nervous system is linked to memories, but she doesn’t buy it.

Eventually, Se-won convinces Lieutenant Jiun Choi to do the brain sync with one of the men (Taegu Lee) who killed Kang-mu Lee. We see the two men carrying out the murders. They are ordered to kill the child Heejin as she is a witness, but one of the murderers can’t bring himself to it. Instead, he drops her off with his girlfriend Mina. Se-won wakes up; Heejin is alive.

The ending

Using the memories, Jiun Choi and Se-won head out to find Heejin. They arrive at a cafe, and they find s secret prostitution ring. They finally find Mina and Jiun Choi questions her. Mina tells them that Heejin ran away.

Lieutenant Jiun Choi sends out a search team to find Heejin in a nearby forest. They find her, and Se-won asks if he can speak to her alone as she’s afraid. He tells her that he’s Doyoon’s father before picking her up. Lieutenant Jiun Choi’s face says it all; she believes Se-won. This changes the story entirely.

In the hospital, Heejin isn’t talking. Se-won tells Jiun Choi that Heejin is a special child, and talks to her himself. He asks her to draw the last time she saw Doyoon. As she draws, Se-won looks shocked by what he sees. What did he see!? What a tantalizing mystery.

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