The Great Season 2 – does Peter kill Catherine’s mother Joanna?

November 19, 2021
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This article, “does Peter kill Catherine’s mother Joanna,” contains major spoilers regarding The Great season 2.

As we reach the latter stages of season 2, a new character emerges. Catherine’s mother Joanna arrives and she has a lot of opinions about her daughter’s life, and what it means for her family. She’s clearly a manipulative figure (like all characters in this show).

But, interestingly, and behind Catherine’s back, mother Joanna keeps on trying to seduce Peter. Initially, she acted like she was not interested in Peter, but secretly she showed her intentions. Was she trying to sleep with Peter to manipulate her daughter’s situation, or because she genuinely had the hots for him? Who knows, it could be both?

This provides a funny subplot where Peter desperately tries to not sleep with Catherine’s mother because he’s trying to prove himself as a husband and a father. Of course, Peter isn’t the brightest star in the world, so the concept of not sleeping with a woman is a real struggle.

Does Peter kill Catherine’s mother Joanna in The Great season 2?

Yes. But to be fair to the goofy buffoon, he didn’t intentionally kill her and it was completely accidental. After a day of stressing about impending fatherhood and his deceased father’s expectations that he pursue power over being a good man, Peter gives in. Joanna visits his room after arguing with her daughter and lunges for him passionately. Peter and Joanna have sex, and in a moment of passion, they take it to the window. Joanna decides to hold on to the curtains while having sex in an open window (amateur move). The frail curtains fall apart and she falls out landing to her unfortunate death.

This moment is pivotal to the latter stages of season 2. Luckily, for Peter, Aunt Elizabeth saw the whole scenario unfold and helps move the body, but that doesn’t stop Peter from feeling guilty and conflicted for the remaining episodes.

The death of Joanna was an easy move for the writers to make — she was impactful to the plot, but also, was not needed for the story to progress. It also brings the audience a funny death to cherish in this audacious series.

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