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November 22, 2021
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Focus shifted in the latest episode of Succession from determining the future of Waystar to determining the future of the entire American republic, as the Roys sat down to hand-pick the next President of the United States. The outcome will doubtlessly have repercussions in Succession season 3, episode 7 and beyond, so let’s take a brief account of what went down:

  • The battle for the Oval Office essentially came down to three candidates: Rick Salgado (endorsed by Shiv), Jeryd Mencken (endorsed by Roman), and Connor Roy (endorsed by nobody).
  • Shiv made a desperate case for Salgado because he leaned more to the center and also, rather obviously, because he offered to make her the next Waystar CEO should he be elected.
  • Roman eventually won Logan over with Mencken because his vile political rhetoric would be incendiary enough to stoke ATN’s viewing figures.
  • Shiv was forced to abandon her principles and take a family photo endorsing Mencken, the chosen candidate.
  • Kendall approached Tom with an offer that could see him avoid prison, which he’s increasingly frantic about, but he just couldn’t bring himself to side against Logan given the family history.

Succession season 3, episode 7 release date

“Too Much Birthday” is scheduled for release on November 28, 2021, at 9 pm ET on HBO.

Where to watch Succession online

As mentioned above, Succession season 3, episode 7 will air on HBO. It will also be available on HBO Max with a subscription, and previous episodes and seasons can be watched on-demand.

Predictions for “Too Much Birthday”

There’s plenty to speculate about in light of recent events, so let’s get right to it:

  • Are the Roys firmly decided on Mencken? Will the next episode be about endorsing him more fully and hoping nothing crops up that undermines his candidacy? Also, was it just me who picked up on some homoeroticism between him and Roman? That surely can’t have just been me.
  • How is Shiv going to take this latest instance of being completely and utterly undermined? Her long-term goal remains Waystar’s CEO position, but it seems obvious at this point she’s never going to get it, and “What It Takes” was the most emotional we’ve possibly ever seen her. Is she being pushed away from the Roys?
  • Related to that, will Tom reconsider Kendall’s offer? I think he will. Despite having agreed to even take on Greg’s charges if Kendall fingers him to the DoJ, since it would scarcely make a difference at this point, seeing Greg being held aloft by chanting alt-right types probably drives something of a wedge between them. If Tom gets the sense that Shiv is becoming thoroughly disillusioned with her father’s way of doing things and the possibility of her becoming CEO, there’s a good chance we’ll see both of them jump ship to Team Kendall.
  • Still, how secure is Team Kendall at the moment? Even with Lisa Arthur, the case had some gaps. Without her, he’s going to be floundering, which begs the question of whether he will secure new legal representation or just tuck his tail and crawl back to Arthur.
  • I think we can safely say that Greg won’t successfully sue Greenpeace.
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